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2013 Replicator 2X

2013 MakerBot Replicator 2X when we started MakerBot in 2009 it was an experiment to make 3d printing affordable Now four years later we’ve engineered the MakerBot replicator 2 to be both affordable and reliable For the Daredevils out there, the dock Browns the MacGyver’s the test pilots we haven’t …

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2014 Replicator Z18

2014 MakerBot Replicator Z18 I’m brie Pettis of MakerBot and I’ve got huge news. We’ve unleashed the MakerBot replicator z18 3d print it’s massive it’s powerful it’ll change the way you think about 3d printing MakerBot replicator z18 has a massive build volume of 12 by 12 by 18 inches …

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2016 Replicator Mini Plus

2016 MakerBot Replicator Mini Plus in this post we’re gonna be doing our first print on the MakerBot replicator mini plus and we’ll show you how to set up the file and get it printing so we’ll start by going into MakerBot print and starting a new project the first thing …

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2017 Reclicator 2

2017 MakerBot Reclikator 2 So maybe you’ve heard about the MakerBot replicator 2 desktop 3d printer but you don’t know how it works it’s cool. I’m Bree Pettis CEO of MakerBot and I’m going to walk you through the MakerBot creation process the MakerBot replicator 2 desktop 3d printer is …

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