2018 EOS M300-4

2018 EOS M300-4 Ready for digital production let’s introduce the EOS m 300 series for metal materials the 300 by 300 building platform lets you enter into new dimensions of 3d printing with the new exposure module you can achieve 10 times more productivity and up to 50% less cost …

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2017 EOS P 500

2017 EOS P 500 Explore a laser centering process developed with more than twenty five Five years experience and achieve the lowest cost or part using to powerful lasers The large building volume and the most advanced wreck odor on the market Here is the automation ready manufacturing a platform …

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2015 EOS M290

2015 EOS M290 So this is our EOS M 290 this is a direct metal laser sintering system the way that it works is it distributes a thin layer of powdered metal about 0.02 or 20 microns thick on a metal build plate And then it has a 400 watt …

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