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Rapid Prototyping Stereolithography

Rapid Prototyping Stereolithography well we’re standing here in front of the convection oven I realized we get asked a lot of questions about heat deflection properties for a lot of our resins now we can supply you with with the spreadsheets if you want to see them but we thought …

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Rapid Prototyping Printer

Rapid Prototyping Printer technology is racing ahead at an incredible pace not only are new products with improved performance and new features introduced every day but product life cycles are gradually getting shorter in electronics it all starts with fast prototyping of printed circuit boards the backbone of any electronic …

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3D Printed Wrench

3D Printed Wrench All right so today we’re going to be 3d printing a wrench this wrench is really interesting it has actually moving parts in it it has some supports designed into it that you pull out afterwards and you should be able to actually move the part after …

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3D Printers Advice With Experience

3D Printers Advice With Experience if you’re looking to get into 3d printing you’re going to want to work with somebody who has over 20 years of manufacturing experience that’s what really sets us aside in the industry and that’s why I consider some quests to be the place that …

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3D printer allows kids to create their own toys

3D printer allows kids to create their own toys this is what you’re gonna see so we get a variety of different characters from samurais dolls we’ve got dinosaurs skeletons we’ve also got jewelry so you can choose to make your own necklaces rings bracelets but we’re gonna go to …

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3D printing of soft medical implants

3D printing of soft medical implants hello I’m Manuel and the CEO of Spectre plus we believe that additive manufacturing has the potential to shift focus from rapid prototyping to mass customization of functional parts straight out of the printer so far only richer materials such as plastics ceramics and …

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When did medical 3d printing start?

When did medical 3d printing start? welcome to another video from explaining the futurecom this time I’m going to talk about medical 3d printing right now the best things to 3d print or small customized and expensive which makes medicine a prime sector for 3d printing application it’s therefore not …

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Can you 3d print human organs?

Can you 3d print human organs? this is Luke Marcela he shouldn’t be this healthy I was born with spina bifida which is a birth defect it’s basically a hole in the spine where all the nerves don’t develop when I was 10 I got really sick and they’re trying …

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