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Large Size 3D Printer FungDO

Large Size 3D Printer FungDO

400-400-500 mm Large size coreXY semi-assembled DIY 3D printer

with heated bed / with meanwell power supplyhigh quality build plate


  • Brand Name: FUNGDO
  • Model Number: SX4
  • Printing volume:400-400-500mm
  • Layer height :0.1-0.3mm
  • Nozzle quantity size:1 *0.4mm
  • Maximum nozzle Temp.:279 Celsius Degree
  • Filament size:1.75mm PLA HIPS ABS
  • Power supply :Meanwell
  • Currency :1.8A for 220V, 1.6A for 110V
  • Delivery status:Semi-assembled
  • Maximum Heated Temp.:70 Celsius degree
  • Frame:Aluminium Profile
  • Package size :800-660-245mm
  • Gross weight:25kg
  • Net weight :23kg
  • Operating System:Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Slicing software :cura/simplify 3D/repitier-host/slic 3r
  • Data Profile:stl/gcode/obj
  • Connecting:USB cable /SD card off line printing
  • screen control :LCD 2004

Main Advantage 

1: Large printing size. 400-400-500 mm printing volume , with CoreXY structure, the printer use minmum space but offer maximum printing volume

2: Semi-assembled,  the printer was assembled and had printing test, for transportation reason, it disassembled to 3 main parts,  30-60 minutes start  first print ,also ensure quality.

3:  High printing speed. 120-150mm/s stable printing , normal DIY printing speed is 20-60mm/s, but SX4 can use 120-150mm/s as normal printing speed, save time and improve efficency .

4:  Easy remove build bed , use brand new build plate, when printing works done, remove the items by hands ,keep the printed object bottom smooth, adhere better , no curve and deformation.

5:High resolution with stable structure, with a firm frame  which have 6 stand profile, the printer offer a very stable plantform

6: Auto-leveling, normally, big size 3d printer is not easy to make bed well leveled, but SX4 with auto-level function, easy to level .

7: Two power supply design, one heating the build bed ,one heating the extruder, fast to heat up, use famous brand meanwell power supply, ensure stable function

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