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Alfawise U20 Large Format 3D Printer Review

Alfawise U20 Large Format 3D Printer Review

The alpha-1 g20 is gearbest in-house brand and well it exists to compete with the CR 10 in that section of the market and with a price tag of $299 it can definitely grab your attention question is is it any good stick around and you’ll find out the alpha-1 g20 is the second 3d printer to come out of gear bests in-house developers the first one being the Alpha Y Z 10 which was a very large form of 3d printer which I still have yet to review but

lacks quite a bit in delivering on its promise the Alpha Y Z 20 on the other hand is a much smaller version comparable to the CR 10s with a build volume of 300 by 300 on the X&Y and 400 on the Z it runs on a 24 volt power supply which means that heating of the bill play to temperatures such as 70 80 or even 90 degrees takes only a few minutes it prints through a Bowden set up with a hot end that looks almost identical to that of the CR 10 which means the threads make it easy for you to change nozzles

so you can use the 3d style the frame is mainly composed of 20 40 and 20 20 aluminum extrusion making it extremely solid it also has a removable gloss build plate covered in a bill tech type surface which is branded for alpha lines it also comes with a full color touch screen LCD along with the power of resume function and they run out filament sensor now my experience with the FY z20 has it’s been a bit mixed and reason is that I threw quite a lot at this printer and quality of each print is impeccable and

even when it comes to extended prints like the hand that I printed from Devon Montes it’s called reach you can find it on my mini factory this was a 46-hour print it was done in 3d Prima rainbow PLA and it looks absolutely stunning it was scaled I think to about 450 percent from its original size and it printed beautifully the color transition is great the filament looks great and

the print quality is actually quite good the printer could do with a couple of teal smoothers unfortunately you cannot change the stepper drivers because they are integrated and something else I need to point out is that the firmware of the printer is not open source its proprietary to alpha 100 micron prints also look absolutely impeccable this print is also done with 3d Prima easy print PLA it’s a bust of a white Walker from gear of drones I would leave install these files in the video description at hundred microns it looks impeccable

it printed flawlessly once again this is another 42-hour print so this printer has no problem whatsoever handling extended times of printing when it comes to certain materials now I say when it comes to certain materials because I have had a few issues along the way with some higher temperature materials which I will get into very shortly printing and TPU was relatively easy I printed this vase in bio flex this is the tanden all-sec pill vase unfortunately I did a mistake where I didn’t do enough bottom layer

so as soon as I took it off the build plate the base stuck to the build plate and it now looks like basically a looking glass but I also did manage to print a bio flex wallet fortunately I was still playing around with the settings of the material because it was the first time I ever printed it it looks okay but it could be much better but it does print flexibles in fact

I also printed with some spinner hands TPU I printed all these latches for the spool holders and also the seals inside so flexible is definitely not an issue if you print slow enough next was PT G and initially when I started PT g I was having some issues and what was happening is that the printer was kind of printing sideways it was printing at an angle so wouldn’t do 90 degrees whenever you print something it kind of starts well it kind of starts shifting up along the z-axis onto the X and y axis so it starts tilting the print on its own and I couldn’t figure out what was happening until I had a bit of a look at the printer and

I noticed that one of the idlers for the for the x axis was actually bit bent and the bail was actually riding on the pulley so what was happening is that it was kind of losing alignment and that was causing the print to actually start while being printed slanted so what I did was I took it apart and I could see that the the idler bracket which is a metal was slightly bent and therefore I just had to bend it back into place and once I did that it was printing fine again so then I threw in some Hertz PEGI and started printing one of fernanda arrises Conway’s towers which actually turned out really good considering there is this is Peggy it comes with a lot of her attractions stringing was almost a minimum still can see a few wisps which is absolutely fine these can be easily removed with a bit of heat but I decided I want to leave them them

so I can show you guys exactly how it handles it following that I throw in some spinner hands red peg G and black PG and I printed this awesome vise it works beautifully tolerances were perfectly fine I did have to print the the screws for the vise at 150 microns because whenever I printed at 200 microns I was getting quite a bit of sagging on the sides of the screws but purging them at 150 microns proved to be perfect so it assembled perfectly fine all together works great and

now I got myself an epic vise then I went on to printing vases so I wanted to do something special so what I did was I changed the nozzle and I used a 3d 0.8 millimeter nozzle the alpha whines uses the same threads on the heat blog as III D does so you can easily swap out the nozzle and I wanted to print some spaghetti printing so I throw in some proto pasta and started printing these vases for the first couple layers everything was printing fine but then what was happening was that it started jittering while printing

so I was getting lots of blobs lots of stringing filament was being overcooked I tried to change the settings for the print but I realized that the spring had actually frozen completely and I couldn’t do any settings changes I switched it off I switched it back on and I noticed also that the powerful zoom shot function wasn’t working as it should be

so rather than homing X&Y it was also Homans X Y & Z so it couldn’t resume the print I tried reprinting the vase quite a few times that’s 200 microns at 400 microns 600 microns and constantly having the same issue so what I did is I reached out to hear this then I told them what the problem is and they got back to me telling me that they have updated the firmware now that I should update the printer and see how that goes so that’s what I did I downloaded the firmware which can be found on the Facebook group for alpha Y Z xx I updated the printer and tried another vase and this time it was a complete success

and not only was this beautifully printed the powerful zoom function was working again and the print just completely just fine the screen didn’t freeze whatsoever so yeah it definitely just needed a firmware upgrade however the printer freezing was not only limited to vase mode now the vase mode after doing a bit of research it turns out that it was happening to quite a lot of people but

what I’ve noticed is that when you have extended prints with higher temperatures at least on on my machine the printer was freezing whenever I do extended prints on Peggy for example so anything over six hours or eight hours the printer would just freeze completely it would finish the print fine flawlessly beautifully it would then once it’s done it would just simply home the X&Y and remove the bill plate out of the way but

seeing as it was frozen it would not cool down so even if the print is finished the hotend still remained at 245 degrees the bed still remained at 70 degrees and it just set there and that is definitely one of the biggest issues that this printer has the fact that it is closed source means that no one can actually check in to see what is wrong with the printer it is left up to gearbest unfortunately to be able to figure these things out now personally I I commend gearbest for constantly being in touch with me and asking me if I have any issues what they should fix what they should work on and

I really like that that they’re taking on feedback and actually working with it however I feel that something like this should have been picked up before the release because this could be a potential hazard having temperatures sitting there that high could it just spells disaster no unfortunately that is not the only issue I’ve had with this printer granted that all the rest of the issues are in that big but there are issues one of them is the filament run-out sensor now while the sensor works and it works very well unfortunately

that’s all it can do it can detect a filament run out so once the filament stops the print just pauses your nozzle is left on the part it starts cooking the part and you have no options on the on the touch screen in order to retrieve or retract all that filament and the problem is that the switch that detects the filament ran out is so close to the extruder that you can’t actually pick up the filament in order to pull it out and

replace it so you’d have to literally disassemble the diplomatic connector for the PTFE tube and actually remove the filament manually and then reattach it granted that a simple fix for that would be to literally reprint the enclosure for the filament run out sensor and just extended outwards by maybe an inch more easily than that is have a feature on the firmware when there’s ran out of filament the printer would simply home on the X&Y let you know you press a button and it just retracts the strand of filament that’s sitting on the bottom tube another issue I’ve had with the run of filament sensor is the fact that the hole where the filament goes through and

basically triggers the switch that detects the run-outs of filament is actually quite large so the filament actually moves freely quite a bit inside so the trigger it keeps on triggering the run out of filament and therefore it keeps on running the print in fact so much so that for most of the time I ended up disconnecting while taking apart the the switch for the filament sensor I would take it out and

just tape it off completely in order for it to constantly be triggered and not have to worry about that issue power of resume function works beautifully after the update that they did but once again if the power goes off what will happen is the nozzle will sit on the model it just doesn’t lift anything whatsoever so until it cools down it’s going to be cooking your print so there might be a few flaws in it however at least the feature is there and it works the good thing about the way it works is that it waits until the hot end has heated up completely before it actually moves and

homes on the X&Y and resumes the print making sure that while your print is not ruined more than necessary so now all this translates into or basically a bit of a shame because the print quality on this printer is incredibly good I actually have to say that I am very happy with the print quality of this printer the problem is that at what price it’s not just that it’s 299 which is a very good price that the idea is great execution could have been much better the fact that there is that possible fire hazard for the prints for the printer remaining at heated levels like 70 degrees on the bed or possibly 90 depending on what you’re printing and

the hot end that is just a fire hazard and that’s a big big no-no in my books now while I know that gearbest are working on this firmware they’re constantly updating I think that should take priority I don’t think it should take them long to fix it and until they do unfortunately I cannot possibly recommend this printer as much as I love the print quality that’s just too much of a fire and that is all I have to say about this printer for now if you do have one or you still intend to buy one because ultimately the price is really good so many of you would want to get one and tinker with it join the Facebook page for the new ten and

you twenty gearbest are very active on that and they’re constantly releasing updates for the firmer so if you do have one or you doing tend to get one please make sure that first of all you take good care of yourself make sure you have all the safety precautions and you’re constantly next to your printer when printing then secondly make sure you constantly update the firmware in order to have the latest one and

hopefully gearbest will very quickly fix this issue because I know that there are quite a lot of these already out in the wild as for me that is it thank you guys for watching I want to thank my patrons for their awesome support I want to thank magico and

spanner hands for being these changes channel sponsors you guys absolutely Rock these make sure you check them out in the video description if you have any questions make sure you leave them in the comment section below like share subscribe and as always happy making guys

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