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Wanhao D10 3D Printer Unboxing

Wanhao D10 3D Printer Unboxing

This article will show you how to set up your new wanhao D10 3d printer first make sure you’ve got plenty of space around to open up your printer carefully open up the box and start to remove the components carefully take everything out of the box remove any excess packaging including foam cut the cable ties remove the foam excess plastic unwrap it and take out the accessories box next we’ll open up the accessories box and

take out all the important components such as the power adapter the memory card the hex keys USB cable the filament now we want to untie the cables for the power adapter that’s the power cable and the power adapter itself and plug in the power adapter cable into the power adapter next turn your printer around plug the cable into the socket plug the other end into your mains power outlet and

turn the mains power outlet on turn on your printer turn it around and you’ll see that your printer has powered up next we want to add the PTFE tube that’s the tube that’s going to carry the filament from the motor through into the hot end so find the white PTFE tube and what you’re gonna do hold down the circular disc on one end feed it through it will hold in place do the same on the other end with the motor hold it down feed it through next open up your filament

so find that filament open up the box rip open the filament bag repeat open on the top with the ziplock tag open up your filament find the end that’s been secured into the holder open it up what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut one into the filament cut it on an angle so you have almost like a arrow point and

that’s the end we’re gonna feed through the printer through the tube so what you’re gonna do feed that open end into the cable box we’ll use the cable box as our holder so feed it up through that cable box and that pointy end we’re next gonna feed through your printer so you can see a clamp on your printer clamp down with two fingers hold it down feed that cable up through the PTFE – and watch as the cable goes through you can see the filament goes through the PTFE tube and keep feeding it through until you feel some resistance next turn your printer around and we’ll load that filament into the system

so what you want to do is hit the load filament button well first we’re gonna home the printer to the XYZ coordinates we’re going to give ourselves a little bit of space so hit the Zed coordinate and where the dimensions are hit the 1 millimeter change it to 10 millimeters hit the Zed and the arrow to the right and

we’re going to lower lower lower that print bed platform next one of the things you took out of your accessories box is your build platform place the build platform on top of the bed and you’ll feel it snap into place it’s got magnetic snaps so it will just fit in there perfectly so once you have enough room we want to load filament

so go back to the filament section you want to hit the load filament button when you hit load filament what’s gonna happen is that hot end is going to heat up nicely so that your filament can melt through and that’s basically how 3d printing works we’re gonna melt plastic filament and we’re gonna build it up in layers so what we’re gonna wait here until it heats up magically it’s done heating up so what we want to do next hit the load button and you’re gonna see that filament it’s gonna spill out of the hot end and

that’s how you know your filaments loaded and ready to go remove that excess material be careful the hot end is very hot the plastic that comes out you can touch be very careful do not touch the hot end next get your SD memory card insert it contacts facing up push it in you’ll feel some resistance next push the memory card icon and

what we’re gonna do is print the ok file so hit okay hit the okay to print and again we’re gonna watch our our hot end heat up once it gets to the correct temperature we’re going to start printing and once it gets to that appropriate temperature you’ll see the bed and the hot end start moving and it will start printing

now if your prints are going to be successful you’re going to know within the first few layers so always watch the first few layers of your print make sure it’s adhering to the bed make sure it sticks properly if it starts moving around sliding around your your print it’s likely going to fail so you’ll probably want to start and try it again

so always have a look at that first few layers of prints our print looks pretty good and here it is after several hours of watching your print you’ll see the nice hand show up and what we want to do to remove our print just remove that magnetic bed there it is and if you want to remove it just use a little bit of pressure take it off you can see your print admire your handiwork finish as needed if you use support like a raft which we highly recommend for every print peel it off that’s it thanks for watching for more support videos see one how 3d printer calm you

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