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Unboxing The Kudo3d Bean 3D Printer

Unboxing The Kudo3d Bean 3D Printer

hello everybody and welcome back to the 3d printing lab today I have a new 3d printer which 3d printer that is that would happen to be the Kudo 3d beam 3d printer from Kudo 3d so okay let’s open this box up and check this printer out so let’s get ready on your marks get ready go

so I’m just gonna take the contents out of the box with you today I’m gonna bring this to my school actually and I’m gonna work with my tech teacher to get this printer up and running so I got the snap knife here and we’re opening the box now did notice is that the corner is dented that’s all I see wrong with the box though just this corner right over here dented hopefully everything is fine in here well let’s see what we got place is on the floor so I did buy a couple of extras to go with this so I can see everything so let’s see what we got here so we have what looks like an instruction manual now this is like safety and stuff warning warning this is the 3dr sr safety data sheet all right we got add-ons what should be packaged here and then the Quick Start Guide

so we got that so I ordered the Wi-Fi repeater with it because well I had no clue what I was doing there so it looks like what I ordered is we have the Wi-Fi repeater the instructions for it we got the US this is Ethernet cable we have a funnel some gloves an extra build platform man this is hefty bag of miscellaneous screws and squeegee I’m going with squeegee

so let’s put this all in here this container is cracked also the corner on this container is cracked this corner right here so looks like here we have the other build platform I’m going with this just the power supply so our power supply here so it is a delta enterprise’s non grounded plug just a standard little plug and it is a 12 volt 10 amp power supply so it doesn’t have like any heating or anything to do

so it doesn’t require that much power here’s the beam in this box here we have all the resins that I ordered so here’s the beam unit overall it looks really good pretty good in my opinion I’d say looks completely fine after shipping it did come on a container directly from China

so let’s make sure we have everything else in here so I’m gonna open this box up make sure that I have everything because there should be a lot of stuff in here so we have our spatula we have another resin container so it looks like so this is what everyone was talking about so right here there’s a hinge which is incredibly weak here that tensioned very tight so here is the teflon filmed so there’s very thin little pieces here and this lifts up constantly so that’s the thing that people talked about that was damaging so please do not hidden hit the Haines hinges when taking the resin container because it is very delicate so we have five bottles of resin

so we have a green bottle of resin an engineering tough so the ng tough I’m going with this probably the gray resin so gray or hard engineering well tough engineering we have a white resin you have an engineering hard or a yellow resin and then black and so it looks like I’m gonna have to open up the printer to make sure that everything else is included here so these are the films right here I see it I see it right there all right maybe not there should be a build platform in here so I think we’re good there so I’m gonna call it done here

so I’ll hope you guys enjoyed this video today in the next video you will see me doing some prints with this printer I’m bringing this to my school though sorry about that the camera just decided to die on me so I have you on the plug right now so I had to do the video right here but I’ll hope you guys enjoyed this video I’m bringing the beam printer with me to school so my teacher can see how the machine works because neither of us fully understand how SLA works exactly and the messy technology about it

and everything and we’re gonna play around with it and see how it is now you will see a couple of videos about the printer but it won’t be for a while you’ll see this unboxing video and then it’s gonna be awhile before we start filming videos like reviews and stuff like that but I have the beam and it looks really good and I’m very happy with it and I’m happy that it’s finally here unlike some other SLA printers that I’ve backed on kick-started this one has actually arrived and I’m still waiting on two other machines not SLA ones in SLA ones not but

those will be coming hopefully soon but this is ten monthly which I can’t complain about I’m still happy it’s here and it works great so I’ll hope you guys enjoyed this video like this video if you liked it leave a relevant comment down below if you got any questions for me remember to click that like bucket button check the links in the video description some links to where you can buy the Kudo 3d beam

it is retailing a whole lot more than it did on Kickstarter but I got the Earl the super early bird package which means I got this printer for $2.99 plus the add-ons so I backed this printer last year on my teen tour I was looking at it and now it’s finally here so happy it’s here and especially right before New Year’s so everyone have a great New Year’s peace out guys

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