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Unboxing GIANTARM GEEETECH A10M 3D Printer

Unboxing GIANTARM GEEETECH A10M 3D Printer with Mix-Color Printing, Dual extruder, Prusa i3

hi this is Jason Collins and today we’re going to be taking a look at a 3d printer by one of my favorite companies this is the model a 10 M M being multifilament which means it’ll print two colors at one time and this is by a company that I’ve been doing business with for about a year now and that company is called G tech G EEE te CH and

they’re a Chinese company I actually have gotten four printers from G take the first one was a presa I three W and that was an awesome printer in fact I just recently donated that printer to our local high school art department the second one I got was their Model T 180 which is a small footprint desktop printer if you’re just thinking about getting into 3d printing you’re not sure what you want to do that’s an excellent excellent printer to start out with because it’s small the menus and stuff are very intuitive it’s very user friendly and

also one of the awesome features in it is the the print nozzle and the hot in the heating element part are all built into one module so if you run into a clog or a problem with that and maybe you’re not that mechanically inclined to disassemble a hot end or maybe some of the the mechanical aspects of 3d printing have been something that that has caused you to shy away from it that you 180 is awesome because you just pop out the old heating element and nozzle throw it away pop a new one in and you’re ready to go the third printer that I got is a massive giant arm d200 which is a great printer but today we have the model a 10 m and

we’re gonna take a look at what’s inside the box I’ve not even open this so you guys are going to be the first along with me to see what’s inside the box so let’s take a look so here we go let’s take a look and see what we’ve got here well packaged everything from GTECH that I’ve received so far has been very well packaged it has a QuickStart guide these QuickStart guides can be a bit generic I’ll flip this one around

so maybe you can see but this one does seem to be specific to the M model multifilament printer lists everything that’s supposed to be in the box we’ll go over that in just a moment and then a quick start guide and most importantly they have information at the bottom on how you can contact gee tech support and honestly guys with the support community that’s available online especially on Facebook I’ve been totally happy with the customer support product support all the people that I’ve dealt with with GTECH have been have been awesome people to deal with so anyway let’s take a look at what we’ve got here obviously we’ve got two and these are stepper motors and these are let’s see here 629 2018 so they’re so they’re super fresh motors

and we seem to have dropped a screw and a washer where that was supposed to go we’ll get that in just a moment and another I see what happened that goes on this side that obviously vibrated loose in shipping pop that right back in there I always love unboxing videos that are raw and just open the box and show me what’s in it I think a lot of times unboxing videos on Amazon and YouTube and stuff may be staged because everything seems to go too smoothly when you open up a box for the first time stuffs gonna be flopping around and this is a perfect example but you got to extruder motors fresh stepper motors on those open this and and

see if we can catch the pieces parts before they before they fall out there’s one here we go it’s got the it’s got the lock washer on it already we’ll pop those in there because we’re gonna definitely need those later for the dual extruder motors all right snug that up a little bit we’re good there there we go how cool is that – extruder motors we’re gonna be printing in multiple colors hey you know I was watching some videos that were shared on one of the 3d printing groups on Facebook a couple of days ago and a guy was showing how he got green printing he actually wound up able to print in three colors because he put yellow and blue filament in his ATM and then he was able to mix those 5050 and get blue yellow and green as a final as a final product awesome got the got the bed and I print on I print on glass with hairspray

so this is not a huge deal for me but I know a lot of people who really like these these build plates that are designed to print directly on the plate I just got used to printing with hairspray and glass and I never really got into using the bill plate but if you’re into that kind of thing obviously you take super plate nice checks nice texture so your prints so your prints adhere this whole thing is already preassembled which is awesome oh oh and

check this out I don’t know if you can see I’m trying to get this a little better in post if you can’t see I’ll flip it over maybe that’ll be better awesome big gigantic knobs for doing your bed leveling one of the first things that I found imprinted on Thingiverse was knobs just to level the bed the first printer I got was an open builds printer that a guy had print had built and then I bought it from him later on and it had a little tiny knob so

I had to print bigger knobs so I could do my bed leveling GTECH has already put some awesome humongous great easy-to-grip knobs on there that’s great everything on here looks good some good square maker tubes awesome let’s see what we’ve got inside let’s see oh we go we have anything over here oh yeah there we go gee with an extra e-tec 810 m that’s awesome and then we have some Chinese stuff down here which probably says Jason is awesome I’m not sure about that and

I speak Chinese but if I were gonna put something on there that’s what I would put digging deeper deeper into the box we have the gantry see here gantry and the upright frame there we go awesome Boggan tubes go down awesome awesome awesome there’s the hot end leadscrew nice and straight I don’t know if you can see that awesome straight leadscrew looking good another fresh stepper motor on there awesome and

then we’ve got the power supply and main board for the unit already assembled this unit really I can’t imagine that it’s going to take more than about 45 minutes to get it put together because it’s already almost completely assembled and then you’ve got your bag here that’s going down a checklist and see what we see what we’ve got so far I’ll flip this around so you guys can see the upper gantry kit we just took that out the bottom gantry kit with the bill plate we’ve got that out the power supply unit we’ve got that out the LCD we’ve got that out and

then everything else should actually be in this bag oh and another awesome GTECH mousepad I don’t use them I didn’t use the first one I don’t use mouse pads I wonder if anybody really does anymore but it’s cool that they put that in there obviously a power cord that’s right here

so let’s see what we’ve got in the bag what do we have and bag the next thing on the list is SD card there we have one gig SD card plenty in fact I haven’t filled up the first SD card I’ve got a couple of replacement Boggan tubes for your for your filament that’s that right there oh no that’s a zip ties they don’t have the tubes on there bonus let’s see what else we got oh and amazingly and you guys know I didn’t know this but you got blue and

yellow sample filaments so you’ll be able to do that green test thing that I was talking about that’ll be awesome now the one thing I will say about this sample filament is it’s obviously not sealed in an airtight bag for those of you who are new to 3d printing I live in Mississippi and the humidity here can just be absolutely off-the-chart insane like it’s not unusual for us to have days where the humidity is over 95% that will really make getting quality prints difficult if not impossible

so what I do is I toss the filament into an old food dehydrator that I have just for overnight or for five hours before I get ready to print dries it up works really really nicely awesome extra USB cable that’s right there let’s see what else we’ve got here that is gonna be the cap to go on the top of the gantry would be my guess okay here we’ve got the filament spools oh there are those awesome zip ties that we mentioned earlier not sure on that yet miscellaneous metal brackets I think those are probably going to be the brackets for the filament holder in it and this oh and these lock those down okay this is all beginning to make sense now here’s some screws goes right there with that here are some longer screws goes right here with that here is another pack screws okay and

a tool bag which is wrenches to put all this together some some allen wrenches to tighten things up with and then a and this is really awesome I use this quite often yes and this one actually has two one is a little tiny one and one is a larger just to go down in in to clean filament clogs out so you if you have a clog and it’s blocked your nozzle you heat it up and you push this down in there and try to force it out and normally that well the big one is normally all you need but if you if you have a more stubborn clog you can take the little one in poke and get a little get a little pinhole through it and then it makes it easier to get the clogs out so

that’s that’s an awesome tool to have around you can never have too many of those around and then also you get an extra nozzle I’m a little surprised cause I would have assumed that since it was a dual that we might get two of those but we just get one nozzle which it all goes through one nozzle so that makes sense and it doesn’t say anything but I’m assuming it’s probably 0.04 which is usually what what comes with these so

anyway here we go that was the that was the unboxing of the GTECH GE tic not exactly sure if it’s GTECH or ghee tech I don’t really know maybe someone can maybe someone can correct me on that so there we go that is the G Tech a 10 M multi filament multicolor 3d printer now I I’ll be posting a video in a couple days of putting all this together unfortunately I don’t have time to do that right now but you’ll get a video of this being assembled and then

I also go through a video of getting it set up bed leveling getting the right settings and stuff like that but anyway this was the unboxing if you’re looking for a 3d printer GTECH they’ve been awesome to me that’s why I keep getting their products I can’t recommend them highly enough like I said the customer support is awesome the product quality is wonderful if you’re looking for anything from an entry-level like I said the e 180s are great they’re prusik loans are great or you can get a cool multi filament multicolor printer from them all really really great prices and like I said the customer supports been awesome hey guys this is Jason Collins thanks for watching have a great day

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