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Silhouette Alta 3D Printer Unboxing

Silhouette Alta™ 3D Printer – Full Unboxing and Setup

welcome to the setup guide for your silhouette Alta 3d printing machine these step-by-step instructions will help guide you through the process of setting up your 3d printer register your machine start by taking your machine out of the box

once the alte is out of the box you may register your machine at silhouette america.com forward slash setup completing the registration process will also sign you up for your official silhouette account select your language and

the Alta machine then proceed to fill out all of the needed information you will find a unique serial number on the bottom of the machine check the box contents and setup the silhouette alta once your machine has been registered check to make sure that you have all of the items that should be in the box in addition to the machine there should be a power cord with an AC adapter a USB cable loose white filament and

a filament spool a platform and platform tape sheets two different sizes of hex keys a filament tube a nozzle cleaner a spatula tool and keys to lock and unlock the case surrounding the alta once you’ve confirmed all items are present discard any tape cut any ties that are holding the foam pieces in place and remove the foam pieces from the machine plug the included AC adapter into the right-hand side of the alta and then

into a wall socket then connect the alta to your computer using the provided USB cable your machine comes preassembled and pre calibrated and silhouette has already tested the Alta printer to make sure it works in fact the filament spool that comes in the box was printed with your very own machine download and install the silhouette 3d software now that your machine is out of the box you’re ready to download and

install the silhouette 3d software to download the software go to silhouette america.com forward slash setup select a language and then select the Alta machine click on step 3 download and install the silhouette 3d software click on the option for your operating system once the download is complete run the installation file and proceed through the on-screen steps to install and setup your software the first thing you’ll see when silhouette 3d opens is a slideshow that walks you through removing the packaging from the alta and

where important parts of your machine are located when you finish with the slideshow you’ll note that there is the main screen that displays a circular area with a grid this represents the Alta platform’s print area there is a bar on the left-hand side where you will go to create your own shapes and text at the top of the silhouette 3d window you’ll see your document tools on the right-hand side of the screen sign into your pre-existing or newly created silhouette account to access the designs in your library this is where you will be able to access your designs including 3d designs for the Alta learn to use your silhouette alta when the silhouette 3d software is installed it’s time to prepare the alta to print the platform also known as a build plate is what your 3d object will be built on

so it’s important that you prepare it using platform tape protects the platform and helps the filament to adhere properly the liner for the platform tape is perforated down the middle to make it easier to apply start by taking off the liner half without the knotch and line up the top half of the platform tape with a liner still on with the platform’s notch rub the bottom half of the tape in place you can use your hand or the spatula tool but

the most important thing is to make sure that there are no air bubbles or creases in the platform tape when it is applied to the platform then remove the other half of the liner and rub the remaining tape in place again make sure there are no air bubbles or creases if your platform tape is not lying completely flat against the platform your 3d object won’t print properly after the tape is adhered place the platform piece under the print nozzle with the tape side facing up make sure the notch of the platform lines up with the notch at the bottom of the machine filament loading the alta can print any PLA or poly lactic acid filament that is 1.75 millimeters thick included with your machine is a loose roll of white filament that is approximately 60 grams in weight should you wish to purchase more filament Silhouette cell spools with 500 grams of filament in a variety of colors to load the filament in your Alta 3d printer start by opening silhouette 3d power on your Alta and

connect it to your computer in the software click on the 3d print tab in the upper right hand corner ensure that your machine has been selected with the alta selected click on the filament button next click on load filament and go through the following steps to load your filament properly place your filament spool on top of your machine and

put the roll of filament on the school when using filament that comes in either a loose roll or a reel it is important to make sure that you keep a hold of the leading end because the filament can become tangled on top of the machine there is an eye and the filament clip feed the filament through the eye and then the filament tube this will help prevent the filament from becoming tangle and

jamming the machine once the filament has been fed through the filament tube press the tab on the filament clip to open the hole where you can insert the filament you’ll know it’s completely inserted when the filament comes to a stop then release the clip click next in silhouette 3d and then click load the machine will feed the filament through the inner print tube and heat up the printhead the printhead will then move down and

print a little bit of filament once the filament is warmed up creating a shape in 3d and printing next create a shape to test print in the design tap of silhouette 3d click on the shape tool and select the cube a cube will be placed in the print area next go to the 3d print tab the silhouette 3d software will automatically start slicing your design according to the standard print profile in the upper right hand corner

there is a drop down menu where you can select the quality of the print you can select one of the default print profile settings draft standard and high quality or you can make your own print profiles by clicking on the gear button to the right to adjust the settings the silhouette 3d software will then slice or prepare your object for 3d printing when your object is ready you’ll see a rendered preview of each filament layer that will be printed in the Box in the upper right hand corner

you’ll see a box that shows a few things in addition to the print profile you are using the print time estimate an estimate of the amount of filament that will be used which printer you are using the connection status of the Alta in the current temperature of the print head below the rendered object in the software there is a player bar that you can use to see how the Aalto will print the object layer by layer when you’ve finished adjusting your print settings select print silhouette recommends that you leave the door of the alta open when you print your objects to help aid in the cooling of each layer in cases where you may have small children around you may close and

lock the door if necessary [Music] when your machine is done printing wait a few minutes for the filament to cool completely then remove the platform from the inside of the printer take your spatula tool and gently slide the spatula under the object to remove it from the platform tape once you have successfully removed the object snap off any brim or support pieces you may have now you have your 3d object damage platform tape if you damage the platform tape at all when you removed your 3d object you may need to replace it before you attempt to print something else most platform tape sheets will last for about five to ten prints but

that number will vary based on your experience and the settings of each printed object access the free designs for your silhouette alta your silhouette alta comes with 25 free designs you can print these designs will appear in your silhouette library when you register your new machine to access your library open silhouette 3d make sure you have the tab open on the right hand side of the screen you’ll see a window prompting you to sign in to your silhouette account

so that you can have access to all your designs in the silhouette library not just the 3d designs make sure you’re connected to the Internet and log into your silhouette account to open one of you’re included 3d designs open the free designs folder in your library explore the many other options available with the silhouette alta and the silhouette 3d software by consulting the machine and software manuals on the setup page we had to find additional designs at the silhouette design store find project ideas on our social media channels and

our blog at blog silhouette america.com sign up for weekly free designs and the company newsletter which contains discount codes and sale information it’s all there for you at silhouette America calm

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