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Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer | Unboxing & Assembly Setup

Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer | Unboxing & Assembly Setup

welcome back to J rube adduction finally I’m getting a chance to review in unbox what monoprice claims to be the best 3d printer under $500 so I actually paid two hundred and ninety nine dollars I nine cents for this back in July 21st of this year afterward $100 off coupon that’s right it was headed on off and

it looks like now they’re selling for three hundred forty nine ninety nine the other cop Romano’s I compared it to is the Creasy arms hand back one year ago when I came I was like around $350 in looks like it went up like $100 that’s why I go with a US model by the way monoprice is a us-based company that’s headquartered in Brea California they offer over 7000 high quality and

affordable electronics and acessories fiber oh dude and I believe the assembly is very easy to print assemble components all inside the box looks like it’s fun unit and some you have some IDs on is this the spool uh yeah I believe that’s the school this the PIO and black color and you have super excited

one thing’s for sure they properly wrap this up see ordered styrofoam make sure it keeps everything protected I see high quality components everything you see right here straight out the box – the infamous boxer dog and

the upper left thanks for joining the review Akira all right so according to manual the package contents should include a model price 3d printer extrude the tower and also the print bed the spool holder assembly and

the spool stand which comes in this assembly the AC power cord make sure you choose yours accordingly I chose a u.s. one three prong it also comes with a USB cable right there real nice cable and a 4 gigabyte SD card with sample 3d model files do you get print right away a scraper to scrape off the printed item a PTFE tube I believe that’s that right there a hex key set

I think that’s the hex key sent six hex boats also in here to cable ties one snap a row of PLA and to print that mats I believe that’s part of this and also one that’s already incorporated right here one users a man you what you wanna be doing right now and a quick install guide and also a thank you card thank you card and I think that’s good quick install guide

so looks like the instruction manual left out part about connecting the e [Music] [Music] I think the menu has a typo I think in Matt’s system now that the printer is off it wants me to calibrate the right depth from the nozzle to the print bed with using a sheet of paper

so what we’re gonna do is check the four corners and adjust the springs here until it can barely paper can barely slide so you can see there’s too much moving on right here I need to loosen the spring so it can go up on a platform to the nozzle you want to do that for all four corners most of the print it’s gonna be in the middle that we still need to calibrate so what you don’t want it’s when you move the printhead and interacts the paper like this you loosen that a little bit so you have a carpenter’s level place that on the prints a book to make sure it’s leveled

I think I have it just that’s just right it’s not your egg in the paper it’s as close to natural as possible all right now I’m gonna turn the printer off press the tools button when it comes up move button and press the plus button for the z-axis entry several times to raise the extruder until he’s at least an inch above the build platform inch press the back button to return to choose menu press the preheat button then press the POA guess I believe the materials POA depressed baby bun if you are using ABS but I believe this is filamentous POA that’s the indication right here on my semi five millimeters

so it shows the current target current at target temperature see heating up the bed right now we want to press the Toa it wants to reach a target temperature of hundred eighty five degrees Celsius so right now we want to put the so they want us to cut diagonally now we want to go to an extruder now I’m going to insert the SD card I believe there are already some pre-drawn Magos in there ready for print I’m going to start it into the side of the unit which is right here

so you want to insert this way upside down on the top all right press the back to the main menu press the print button so make sure that’s been sort of tight otherwise it won’t read all right I think I’m going to start out with this you some Chico – how about that continue so he’s calibrating right now you know guys

I’m so excited it’s time I just there so it’s lower it looks like this time is pretty much touching the bed or slight one millimeter off but so we’re the cleaning anything I don’t see any but you’re being objective just going along the path of the previous print which is condensed into the print

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