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Alfawise U10 3D Printer Build and First Print

Alfawise U10 3D Printer Build and First Print

get a John for the hot end I’ve got a big box do you want to see what’s in it stay tuned I have a big box here from gearbest and inside it is a alpha why’s you tend 3d printer now this thing supposed to have a 400 by 400 by 500 build volume so I guess that makes it a bit of a competitor for the CR 10 500

so let’s get inside and have a look actually I think I’ll put it on the floor might be easier  bring up this alright this is definitely it all right I don’t know if you can see that whoops it’s got a test print all around the outside edge obviously to show that it’s not what and that it’s been leveled I guess

so okay wiring gantry should we read the instructions we don’t need no stinking instructions we’re going to put this on here and there’s some screw holes in there and there’s some screw holes in there alrighty so we need some screws all right we’ve got some reinforcing brackets that are in steel clips screws tools there’s even a USB stick key okay and a scraper and some nippers excellent all right these are what we’re after screws two four six okay and a Phillips head screws that’s unusual okay so it screws up from underneath so we need to go sideways like so this is always the awkward bit okay

so there and screws into there that one old side goes in there yeah nice and easy going in very easy okay you’ll notice that I’ll put them in loosely to start with and now I’m going to tighten them can’t find the hole laughs you can see what I’m doing here it’s pretty simple we’re screwing oops up that up little good there’s one Jean very well whatever look just flip it over it’s right oh it’s a big based of a thing I think I have it in the right place just looking at the nozzle and it’s definitely being used

so that would have been the test printing is that it’s been doing so let’s hope that it’s good to go get these in the right holes I was in the wrong hole crotch done gantry’s installed it goes up and down okay we got a nice all-metal extruder we’ve got a filament run out since okay got a bad and

tube goes in this hole here I’m a noob and I think there was a spanner here somewhere yeah in this bag you can of hand them in a grand to spend okay that bits done that bits done air connectors look straight and they tight so that’s okay sometimes they ship these things and they loosen those off just to make sure there’s no damage to these connectors here right we have some side brackets to have the t-nuts already on which is very convenient

so they will go on here like and as always with t-nuts you give it a quick little spin to spin the nut and you’re away nice spin tighten it’s been tightened yeah that’s pretty solid side spin tighten spin they’re actually working well it’s nice to see t-nuts that do as they’re told it can be a nuisance it looks good solid ride a power box it’s got a spool holder sitting on there bring that over to this side oh we got here we’ve got oh where does it go it goes

okay what’s next just me nippers that cut wires when you’re doing this just does it die right what are we got here hmm that’s a flesh looking plague that’s going to go somewhere these got labels on them what does that say e ok e is the exterior so he goes in yeah we have what’s this one Sid Sid Mota is this one and this one so there should be two SIDS it’s the other one there that’s the short one

so that goes on this side goes in mm have an extra on there which must be a limit switch which is yet there click in the others head goes underneath that yeah oh good what else we got that’s an interesting one okay we’ll get back to that one it’s done that’s done who else we got here we have an X which will be this motor on the whole if I could to get all tan oops if you put it ran the wrong way okay that’s that one this room is big we always the other one there it’s just one why-why-why limit switch guys yeah okay

now that obviously guys in there yeah interesting and that guy seems yeah we still need homes for that don’t tell me I’m gonna have to go to the book speaking of power is there a switch for 240 and 110 not that I can see no color I can see what’s this Oh bandit look at that I have a teacher stink I wonder what that does it’s the limit switch the fans and

all that stuff I’d say I look at that it’s fairly high tech isn’t yes the wiring on this looks looks very good nice heavy wiring for the what I presume is the heated bed whoa yeah good quality connectors everywhere so far I’m impressed okay well that takes care of the assembly

it’s good to go all right okay I had to resort to the book and yes there is a switch for the power supply don’t fall into that trap I’ve done that before here it is here set it to the correct voltage for your country which for us is 220 which I’ve done okay very important very important and do some nasty damage all right I’m going to plug it in somewhere plugged-in okay turn it around

so you can see what’s going on all right can you see that screen there hold your breath here we go so far so good that’s what we’re looking for that screen excellent okay so I just have a quick flick through here that’s all looks okay and okay right to me that looks like she’s ready to go we’ll we’re back in a minute with a print started right a we’re right

we’re going to start a print hopefully first off we’re going to have to get our Zed height right and leveling okay let’s see we’re going by the screen on this so first off we need to auto home should trip the Z limits which shortly with any luck of course but everything looks really good looks solid wiring looks good

okay that’s actually pretty good a little bit low okay we’ve been creating how long here for 33 minutes and we’re about to finish our little cube here which is extremely exciting it gives us an idea of how the thing prints I’ve already seen a few things that I like and a few things that I’m not sure about the things that I like the build is quite good maybe would like a little bit more stabilization on the gantry but it’s pretty good the heated bed wiring gets a little warm but

that’s normal and it’s nice and quiet which is which is good a couple of things that I didn’t particularly like too much was the fact that the SD card wouldn’t read took us a long time to get something on here that would actually print there we go she’s finished all done and that looks pretty good the first two or three layers are a little off because I didn’t have it quite hard enough mooshed into the bed but

the rest of it the top that looks good the sides look good there’s no artifact in there although it’s such a small print it’s hard to tell but yeah that’s that’s looking looking quite good I like that okay that’s it that’s the Alpha why’s you ten so this I’m liking it enough that

we’ll do a full review on this one so we will get a heap more prints done you know we like to to print stuff for at least a week or two so that we can get a good idea we’ll probably rattle out I don’t know a dozen prints different sorts of things it is a heated bed so we can try all sorts of filaments that was the other thing that I meant to say there’s one thing that I’m a bit concerned about and

that is the temperature reading on the bed on the readout it fluctuates wildly so we need to investigate that it could be that the thermistor is just not mounted properly underneath the bed or something like that so we’ll investigate that doesn’t stop anything from working

so all in all seems pretty decent sort of a printer come back to us when we review it okay so yeah

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