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Creality-CR20 3D printer – Review

Creality-CR20 3D printer – Review

This is the latest model from quality 3d printers the quality CR 20 we already know how the quality CR 10 was and how it changed the low-cost 3d printer market today we will see the new improvements of this new model make us more unbox give it a test and give my final opinion also I’ll make a quick compare between this new model and the crowd this year 10 and also with the very low cost under 3 model but they before we start make sure you hit the subscribe button and the notification bell in order to see my future videos also thanks to all my patrons for the support so let’s get started what’s up my friends welcome back as usual let’s start with a very quick unbox since this is the least important thing for this review I’m going to get out everything that you receive in the box so this is all that we have two parts for the printer body so sending this printer should be very quick we also have a spool with some white PLA filament as a gift and the box with cables spool holder screws SD card and some tools this is all that we have inside of the small box some tools together with a print removal the metal spool holder the main power cable screws and nuts the SD card and the warranty oh yeah we also have a quick user manual with all the steps instructions and settings oh and the banana is just for scale

Okay now that we have all the parts it’s time to assemble this printer that is more than easy all we have to do is to join together these two parts and add four screws on the bottom of the printer align the top part with these holes on the bottom case then you should take the m5 screws turn the printer over and tighten the screws and that’s it with just four screws in these four holes the printer is ready it’s now time to connect all the cables and don’t worry each cable has a label so you can’t get them wrong plug all the motors and the endstop connectors the x-axis and stop is hidden below this plastic case

Okay so finally I place the spool holder with just two screws on top of the printer now the printer is ready for tests I plug the main power cable and let’s start it for the first time and there you have it the printer is alive but wait let’s calibrate it first thing first the extruder carriage is moving a bit

but it has an eccentric not so rotate that till you see no more movement okay so now the carriage is not moving anymore next step let’s calibrate the bed I do that as always with a bit of paper first select Auto home for all the axis using the control knob take the paper sheet put it under the nozzle and rotate the bed plastic knob till the paper is slightly touching the nozzle next to that for all the corners of the bed so that’s it now the bed is leveled so go to the menu and preheat PLA

Finally let’s insert the pill a filament and print a test file I’ve placed a bench e-file on this SD card so let’s insert that into the SD card slot go to the menu select print from sd card and select that file the printer starts printing and once again I’m more than happy with the first print look how easy is to remove the print with this new type of fiberglass plate over the heated bed of course the first print is a banshee file and the layers are perfect with no extra tune no other settings this is the first print right out of the box so that’s quite nice now let’s talk a bit about the things that I like about this printer and also the things

I don’t like as for the specs the printing size of this printer is 23 by 23 centimeters and the height of 30 centimeters the body is made out of metal and it is very strong it has a Bowden extruder that works very fine with PLA abs and also flexible filament since the Bowden tube is not that long to control the printer we have an LCD and a rotating knob it is quite easy to use the power cable gets plugged on this side and we have an on/off switch to power on the printer there is also a safety fuse a side of the switch okay so first the frame it is more than compact even more than the quality ender tree

it is a very integrated design so we have no exposed elements the power supply the mainboard all it is inside of the metal case and that makes this printer very safe to use having this compact shape body made out of metal and also metal brackets the prints will turn out better as well okay so next we have this new type of bed plate it is made out of fiberglass and it is elastic so we could bent it and remove the prints very easy on the top it has a built tag material so the print will stick very well to the plate

I really like this new detail on this printer other thing that I like is the power resume option it’s very interesting to have this option if your printer gets turned off while printing by any unfortunate steak when you power it up it will continue the print from the last position when you plug it back you will get the continue printing message select yes and the printer will keep printing from the last point that’s a nice thing to have especially when printing big parts you don’t want to lose a 10-hour print just

because there was a small power down or the cable got unplugged now the power supply for this version is a 24 volts one so heating time will be faster for both extruder and the heated bed also this bed is able to reach 100 degrees with no problems so that’s also nice to have especially when printing with abs this model of the Krell TCR Tony comes in two versions one with the auto level and the other one with manual level like this one that I have when you use the plastic knobs to level the bed since the case is compact and made out of metal the fans inside are not that loud that’s very important since for long prints usually the fan sound is getting annoying the design of the entire case is also very nice with the see here on the side and the spool holder on the top of the printer so the filament will go well into the extruder the printer has rubber feet so we will have less vibrations transfer to the working table

I also like the plastic bracket for the heated bed and the plastic big knobs to level it we have just one lead screw on the back but as in previous models that’s more than enough all the axes have metal brackets and v-shaped rollers so the movement is very smooth and the prints have very good quality

Okay so I think I don’t like well probably the price I mean the quality of this printer is almost the same as the Ender tree which is way cheaper this crowd TC attend has a price tag of around 350 euros and is getting lower each day if you really want a more compact frame well this model should be your choice compared with the ender tree you will get the fiberglass heated bed plate still have strong metal frame and perfect prints it works with PLA abs flexible and so on it is safe to use the high voltage parts are inside of the case and it’s quieter than the other models but I really think the price should be lower because this model is pretty much the same as the ender tree please see my other review of the ender tree to know more about that printer

Well I think this is all for this review there is not much more to say compare this size it is more than the CR 10 and the same size as the ender tree I really like it and I could easily say it is a good printer just as a summary it is fast assemble just 5 minutes and you could start printing metal frame and compact design both an extrusion system 24 volts power supply and powerful heated bed with removable built back plate it has power zoom options so you don’t have to restart your prints when the printer gets turned off the bed reaches high temperatures and you could use it with PLA nylon ApS flexible filament and much more it doesn’t have an external mosfet for the heated bed but it is quite well cooled with fans inside of the metal case but the most important is that it prints very well and a happy with the results and that’s pretty much everything about this printer

You have more details and photos with the results below my webpage electrons calm and some compares between the CR 10 the ender tree and the CR 20 I hope that you’ve made a general idea of this 3d printer you have links below if you want to buy it if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe and activate a notification bell for future videos also click the like button like crazy and share this video with your friends and remember that you’ll help on patreon means a lot for me and we’ll keep these kind of videos going so thank you very much for your support so thanks again and see you later guys.

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