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Alfawise U30 3D Printer Best Review

Alfawise U30 3D Printer Best Review

My name is Jack and this is the alpha lies you thirty review so how can wait to the video spawning a big thanks to gearbest.com for giving me this printer for a review and so this alpha wise you 30 is the third generation of this alpha lies you series printer first as a you 10 the new 20 and now the youth 30 so oh super excited to test out this printer because it has a ton of cool features for an amazing price so big difference from the you 20 is that the you 30 is a smaller size and

more compact the bed is still pretty big it’s 220 by 220 by 250 millimeters with a heated bed it uses a Bowden feed system with an MK 10 like extruder which is the same as most creative printers and has a point for milne özil which is pretty standard by now it’s built with super sturdy extruded aluminum rails with bent sheet metal and has this really cool matte black and red finish which contrasts nicely mix a printer looks super cool the control board on the printer and the power supply are placed under the printer base

so they say it keeps it out of the hands of small children which I guess it does but it also makes the top of the printer a lot cleaner and nicer it has a two point eight inch full-color touchscreen that can change all the settings and menus on the printer and it does have a ton of options on this menu which is super cool of course it has a micro SD card slot in the back with USB to control it as well and

a super big bonus is that the Alpha wise u30 has a 24 volt power system which means that the nozzle embed are going to heat up a lot faster than other printers which is pretty cool in addition it has a power failure option and a filament run out sensor so two awesome features that are becoming standard

now they’re a big help when making sure your prints won’t fail halfway through a print also a really cool feature on this printer is the bed surface it’s a glass bed and on the top is a plastic rough surface so you can either print on a rough plastic bill attack like surface or flip it over use the glass bed to have a super shiny surface and they’re both really cool options so it’s awesome that the Alpha wise put them both together into one boat plate

so you can use either one it’s a really cool option of course it has a spool holder a full metal spool holder that’s placed on top of the printer so it’s nice and compact and also something else that I haven’t seen on any other low-cost printers that actually has an acceleration curve on the axes so if you try to move the z-axis it actually has a little acceleration curve which is pretty cool I haven’t seen that before on a printer like this also the assembly was pretty quick and

pretty easy it had a really nice full-color instruction manual that I assembled on a live stream so if you want to see more printer unboxings subscribe for more videos like that it was really fun talking to all of you guys so the live stream was about two hours but that was because I put together and we talked a lot and we every day the first print which was the bench II

so the bench she turned out pretty well it was a pre-installed model on the printer it was weird the way they sliced it though because the outer shell was three or four layers thick which is little weird but it did come out pretty well the outer shell did look a little bit rough but I fixed that with adjusting some of the concentric nuts on the printer and

that helped out a lot for the next print which was a calibration test or like another benchmark test it had a bunch of overhangs and circles and stuff like that in small details and the printer printed it pretty well of course it’s not perfect but I was really surprised when the 30 could do a really big overhang with no problems at all and

that’s due to the really big part cooling fan as you can see on the on the right side of the extruder there’s really thick oversized part cooling fan with a big duct that points the air towards the print and this allows for much much better overhangs than other printers which is super cool the big overhang tests on this collaboration print turned out super super clean and really really good that’s again in part because of the big park cooling fan which is super cool the next thing that printed was a Christmas tree visits Christmas time and it turned out pretty well this was in melting light-green PLA and

it printed it with one shell one top of one bottom layer so it’s hollow inside for a nice fast quick print and turned out pretty decent there were a few layer separations but I think that’s because my temperature was not hot enough which I fixed next time but again this is Christmas tree turned out pretty well is nice fast quick print

so the next print was a dog and I used a different material than the PLA I used before and that is hatch box wood PLA and this wood had a print at a higher temperature 210 degrees Celsius so this wood printed pretty well there was a little bit of stringing which you get from printing wood and

the dog turned out really really well the outer shells fuse together really well a surface looked really clean especially with this rough mat like wood surface finish the next thing I did was flip over at the bow plate to the glass side and I printed a carabiner now usually with glass bags you have to put down a layer of glue to get the print to stick but

I just wanted to go out on a limb and use nothing at all and bring directly on the glass bed surface and to my surprise this carabiner I printed stuck right to the bed and turned out absolutely amazing now in this print I used hash box red PLA and

the bottom surface because directly on glass looks super shiny and looks super super cool which was awesome again the outer surface shells looked amazing that looks super clean the top and bottom layers looked perfect and to put the Caribbean together and worked perfectly and was super strong especially for PLA and again that bottom glossy surface on glass beds looks super super cool the next thing I printed was a little engineering model it was a gear and

a plate with some holes and squares in it and again this was on the glass bed and this time I used expert land real white PLA and it turned out absolutely amazing the bottom glass bed with no adhesion on it looks absolutely amazing with that mirror like glass finish on the bottom looks super cool and the outer shells look amazing but

top surface looked really good I use three top and bottom layers on these prints and that made the top layer look really clean all the layer lines are right next to each other with no bumps or grooves and again this printer prints really really well for the price so with all these prints out of the way here are my thoughts so I really love a bed as you can tell and

you can change surfaces from glass to this plastic surface if you’re printing higher temp materials like hips or abs you want to have that nice sticky plastic surface but if you if you’re bringing PLA and want a super nice shiny glass base surface you can flip it over and use the glass bed which is a cool feature that I love that I haven’t seen on many of these 3d printers also the touch screen is super cool as a ton of features and options

so you can move the bed around of course but there’s some extrusion settings to extrude filament you can probe different points on the bed to calibrate the height of the nozzle with five points on the bed and there’s some other really cool features that you don’t usually get in other 3d printer menus again the 24 volt power is an amazing feature to have because it makes everything heat up a lot faster

so it stinks to wait around for a few minutes when your printer is heating up but because of the 24 volt system everything heats up super fast and stays at that temperature also I really like having everything compact and in one small package so I’ll be totally comfortable picking this printer up putting in a car I’m moving it around because everything is bolted down to this extruded aluminum frame with Ben sheet metal there’s only one 3d printed part on this printer which is a fan duct which makes everything super strong sturdy and aleko everything is nice and compact with a power supply underneath our printer and

looks super cool in that matte black and red finish also the part cooling fan is huge and lost four awesome cooling which is good for a PLA and bridging with Aussie to print more models that have bigger overhangs without use of support so I would definitely recommend this printer to somebody who has some 3d printing experience but wants to have some more really cool features and I definitely think this is an amazing printer for the price right now it’s a hundred and seventy five US dollars which is an amazing price for a printer like this so if you want to check out this printer or buy it I’ll put the link down in the description below of course

so thanks again for gearbest for sending this printer out to me for a review so thanks again for watching guys like this video give it a big thumbs up subscribe and hit the bell icon for more 3d printing videos like this comment down below if you have any questions comments or concerns I will answer every single one of them and I will see you guys in the next video

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