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Rapid Prototyping Printer

Rapid Prototyping Printer

technology is racing ahead at an incredible pace not only are new products with improved performance and new features introduced every day but product life cycles are gradually getting shorter in electronics it all starts with fast prototyping of printed circuit boards the backbone of any electronic product companies usually outsource production to a third party often overseas vendor prototypes like weeks before they are sent back for testing not to mention security risks related to exposing confidential designs to third parties oh and

any design revisions may require another cycle turning weeks of waiting into months but what if you could take all the outsourcing hassle out of the equation and squeeze all the prototype production processes into one box in your own office well now you can introducing the Dragonfly 2020 3d printer by nano dimension combining 3d inkjet technology highly specialized nanoparticle inks and advanced software the Dragonfly produces advanced PCBs quickly and easily [Music] now you can innovate and

experiment freely and easily test every detail of your design without losing time but perhaps most importantly the dragonfly 2020 offers nearly limitless design flexibility so take your business into the future of PCB prototyping advance to the Dragonfly 2020 3d printer by nano dimension we like having things right away when you need a cup of coffee you just push the lever down calling a cab is now as easy as tapping for one and when programming you can see if your code works at the click of a button with the volterra b1 if you need custom circuit boards just press print

we’ve all been there we send a circular design off to a factory wait two weeks for delivery only to find that there’s a mistake the design takes a couple of iterations to perfect but who’s got the time fo cr version two three or four just create your layout and whatever program you’re already comfortable with pass our software the Gerber files and then press print we designed this tool to help hardware developers see their ideas come to life faster than ever before we use conductive and insulating ink to create fully functional two layer circuit boards without ever having to email files around or wait for the FedEx truck but

this is so much more than just a prototyping tool it can help you in any stage of development for small batch runs the printer is also a standalone solder paste dispenser once you add the components it will reflow the board as well go ahead toss out all those stencils you won’t need them anymore we’ve used our backgrounds in nanotechnology and mechatronics engineering to really push the boundaries of this technology the past two years have been spent in chemical experimentation making sure

we hit our benchmarks for conductivity saw durability and reliability last year we made the decision to move to Shenzhen China the electronicsapital of the world this allowed us to nail down our supply chain and manufacturing processes living there was one of the many amazing experiences we’ve had bringing this dream to life we spent enough time in cluttered workshops dirty garages and electronics labs so we knew that our product needed a small footprint a durable aluminum body and a beautiful design 3d printers and

development boards have made prototyping a bit easier the barriers to hardware are falling all around us and it’s about time the barriers around access to circuit boards fell to we’re only able to launch our product because of Kickstarter and amazing backers like you we are all part of the now generation and if we’re building the technologies of the future we need tools that can keep up this is just the first step for us there’s so much more we want to build and so much more we want to contribute to the hardware community we hope you take the time to back and share our campaign we can’t wait to see what you create

hi I’m Daniel Alveston and I’m Mike St and we work in a place called other lab which is an RD firm out of San Francisco and for the past year we’ve worked on low-cost digital fabrication machines and we’ve designed a miniature mill that’s light enough to carry with you on public transport but still strong enough to cut a knife the other mill is a desktop CNC machine it’s originally designed just for PCBs the bed size is roughly five inches by four inches and there’s two inches of Zee travel flexures are built into the linear rails or adjustment to get perfect alignment the machine is really simple quiet efficient and

easy to use it’s as simple as taking a work set it on the bed load up a board file position it and hit go and then it will cut your board out it’s really easy to build carrier boards for sensors or switches front panel displays button carriers this makes prototyping custom circuits and designs a lot easier 3d printing is an additive manufacturing process where you stack up layers of material to get a particular shape it’s very a limited number of materials that you can use on mills a subtractive process you cut away the material in addition to being able to cut PCB boards really well it’s also useful for cutting metal and wood plastic so you can do all kinds of things like engraving or making your own mold casting things like that so it has a lot of applications even outside of electronics

we have expertise and software mechanical engineering and committee development we have the tools in-house needed to make these machines for the first batch here in San Francisco to bring these machines to you at a price that we think is affordable we need your support to help buy materials and get volume discounts and to build out our Factory thanks for watching

3d printing is ready for change what would you do if you could 3d print electronics at voxel 8 we’re revolutionizing 3d printing by developing a full three-dimensional electronics printing platform

so if you take a look at a lot of what’s been printed up until now it really amounts to trinkets in 3d printers and as we look to the future that’s where I think we’re gonna start creating things that only 3d printers could have made the circuits of today are flat two-dimensional circuit boards that are embedded into three-dimensional cases now this whole paradigm is going to change because we’re enabling designers to create circuitry and physical objects at the same time using voxel aids 3d printing technology over the past decade the Lewis group has carried out thousands of experiments to create new materials for three-dimensional printing I’m really excited to move this technology out of my lab into Boxley with our developer’s kit printer

you’ll be able to integrate electronics into mechanical objects you’ll be able to print devices like quad copters and integrated electromechanical assemblies that typically have to be manufactured from multiple methods our conductive ink is specifically formulated for 3d printing prints and

dries at room temperature as excellent electoral properties and has excellent adhesion to other matrix materials we want to make it simple for users to create 3d printed parts with embedded functionality we’ve partnered with autodesk to make an end-to-end pipeline to do just that wire enables users to bring their cad models to place components to route wires and 3d using the order of spark platform and that’s really happening for the very first time the software for this simply did not exist we’re fundamentally materials experts

so we created a platform specifically designed to be upgraded with different materials as we release them in the future our printer prints similar to typical 3d printers layer by layer to place a part the printer stops allows you to remove the bed place the part inside of the material and then replace the bed on the printer

it will print right where it left off knowing that there’s a part in inside of it we’re excited to work with companies like voxel 8 because they’re really pushing the boundaries of where 3d printing is capable and by incorporating conductive inks directly in the 3d printing process we can start to create things that have functioned after they’re created in order for 3d printing to reach its full potential we need a broad palette of functional materials coupled with the ability to have a multi-material 3d printing platform with these kinds of tools at hand we can truly print our imagination Prometheus is a desktop machine that makes real circuit boards in just minutes

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