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3D Printers Advice With Experience

3D Printers Advice With Experience

if you’re looking to get into 3d printing you’re going to want to work with somebody who has over 20 years of manufacturing experience that’s what really sets us aside in the industry and that’s why I consider some quests to be the place that you should look at if you’re considering purchasing a 3d printer because we understand the full manufacturing process [Music] hi my name is ginger Eddie and

I am with sim Quest manufacturing solutions and we specialize in 3d printing products and services sim Quest has been in business for 20 years and has over 20 years of both traditional manufacturing and 3d printing knowledge somebody’s interested in 3d printing they will come to us we will evaluate their products

we will decide if our services are fit for their needs and we can evaluate that for their printing needs and/or if they are interested in buying a product we can actually sell them and service their equipment we look at their part we help them evaluate it and understand if it’s the right technology for them to purchase an in-house out of HP’s multi jet fusion is a game changer in the industry the reason that is is because it produces fully isotropic parts meaning they’re like an injection-molded quality typically an additive manufacturing there is a degradation in the z-axis

we do not have that with the multi jet fusion technology this is for not only prototyping this is for production full-on production and I’m not just talking about one or two up to tens of thousands can be made on this machine it’s extremely fast 50 to 100 times faster than other technologies on the market

so the secret to high production is nesting the parts because we can utilize the full build envelope which brings you a better ROI you can take apart for example this little end effector they can fit 2400 of these in one build so you nest parts and it wouldn’t have to be just this part we could add this part with this part as long as they can nest together for example this gear can be utilized in that whole build envelope printed and

manufactured about a thousand in one bill at a cost of 41 cents per year this could otherwise not be machined or injection molded because of the drafts and the geometries on it we also carry desktop metal equipment so typically in the metals realm machines that costs about a million to two million dollars to get them in-house when you can take into consideration all the facilities required desktop metal is a true office environment office friendly metal printing process

so they’ve taken out all of those millions of dollars of expense there’s an example of a router that has metal powder encased in a waxy substance that waxy substance is rooted and built up layer by layer so you have what we call a green part it goes into ad binding process removes all the waxy substance and

leaves micro connections of metal structures from that green part it becomes a brown part that brown part gets centered that high centering oven actually shrinks the part on average about 20 percent it’s automatically calculated in the software for that shrinkage and you get a 98 to 100 percent dense metal part the ceramic interface layer becomes a powder which allows you to release that part off of the base and you have your finished part completely assembled and working and

we also carry some other desktop sized printers for example the rise the rise is an FDM printer its uses a BS material today the unique thing about rise is not only does it print an abs it actually can print an ink on there for example on this holding fixture you can see the labeling here and

that’s just other FDM printers cannot do that an addition to all the other technologies I spoke about today we also carry form labs so form labs is your true more consumer grade machine it makes super smooth parts they look very much like an injection molded part they still have some strengths that you can use but

if you are looking for a desktop option in the sub $5,000 range this is a perfect way to get into 3d printing we can also do service work for our customers if they have parts and they’re not ready to make that investment into buying the printer we can print parts for them in the interim and or push them to people that we have sold equipment to that are our partners and other quality suppliers at d2p calm

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