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3D printer allows kids to create their own toys

3D printer allows kids to create their own toys

this is what you’re gonna see so we get a variety of different characters from samurais dolls we’ve got dinosaurs skeletons we’ve also got jewelry so you can choose to make your own necklaces rings bracelets but

we’re gonna go to one of our figures because we can show you a little more detail about how to really personalize and customize so once we choose it you get this whole list of different parts that it’s going to take and the one that’s highlighted is the one you’re going to want to drag and drop next

now we can do this on our own or we can just push the play button and let the app do it for us they’re just kind of fun so we’ve got different things like options to change out heads on our figures we can customize with color like so add a couple of different colors make them look really fun some yellow awesome we can even add texture to his outfit we can move him in different poses we can add a background if we want to

so we’ll put our Roman looking warrior some ancient ruins take a photo now when you do this you can see to your camera or you can share with your friends that way but if we want to actually send it to the printer we go back push the printer button

so as you can see it will automatically divide it by color so this is going to send it to the printer in batches by color Cheswick bottom how much time it takes to build service is about 10 hours 39 minutes sounds like a lot of time but it takes some time kids do love to watch the process though

so you could keep your kids busy for under 10 hours roughly also gives you the weight a variety of different color out channels this is a variety of what you might see and our final color options we’re also looking at different materials such as squishy plastics we’ve got colors and

things that change color with body heat glow-in-the-dark we’ve got one that will change color like out the Sun under UV rays so these are all options we’re going to now right now the app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store in free download today start designing and creating the printer however will not be available until the fall but

it is available for pre-order at Amazon as $2.99 like get started right away the two different colors but we’re also like a second offer a different variety of colors of materials so if you look around you can see all of the things that we created with our 3d printer you’d like to take a ring we’ve gotten real rings of thirds and diagrams and you can see with those all together thank you

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