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3D Printed Wrench

3D Printed Wrench

All right so today we’re going to be 3d printing a wrench this wrench is really interesting it has actually moving parts in it it has some supports designed into it that you pull out afterwards and you should be able to actually move the part after that so let’s go ahead and get started with the print

alright ease the part has finished I love the words on it 3d printed beautiful is so cool looks like it’s just got the brim to take off and it’s got some supports here it’s got this support here here and here that all come out alright so I’m going to go ahead and take the supports out

alright I got most of the support off Wow look at that though that’s amazing that that can even move you know I printed this all in one solid piece this is not this is not something I was printed in several pieces and put together this was done one solid piece that’s amazing that’s awesome that’s phenomenal to be able to print something pull-pull supports out and it works that that’s that to me is amazing notice how nice the quality looks

I actually decided to print this in a point 1 millimeter layer height opposed to some other ways that I’ve done it in the past I’ve always do point two very interesting to see the big difference in quality especially in a part like this I’m thinking that you might be wondering what would actually happen if we use this in a real case scenario of actually using it like a wrench so I brought with me a metal wrench and

bolt that we were going to try this on before I crank this I want to know what you think where do you think this wrench is going to break pause the video go down to the comment section leave a comment where you think that this wrench is going to break and then come back and play the video and see if you’re right [Music] all right should we crank it here we go oh oh wow it just flexed okay alright

let’s give this another shot because that seemed to be a little unfair if you know what I mean tries again here we go well okay it doesn’t even look like it’s breaking amazing this thing did not break whatsoever we kept its ground that is amazing it didn’t untie it the bolt though and it doesn’t look like it’s possible that it ever could untie pitbull due to the fact that it simply just loses its grip that is very interesting

I think the only damage done to this part it’s just a little bent here and there surprisingly though it still works like a wrench but I am curious to know how strong this wrench really is

so I’m going to press down up here here we go now we broke it it could only be broken by hand not by a bolt it appears that no wrench can beat the classic metal wrench you have something you want to see printed definitely request it and we will see you next article thanks for reading.

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