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ENDER 3 PRO vs ENDER 3 – Is it worth $100?

ENDER 3 PRO vs ENDER 3 – Is it worth $100?

This is my under three I’ve done videos in this and reviews and this is the new under three Pro it’s a hundred dollars more than this guy is it worth it I’ll let you know my opinion on today’s film of Friday film of Friday is brought to you by the generous donations of my patreon supporters this is my original under three it was donated to the channel by banggood.com for me to do a review and I did a review and

I made some improvements in several videos but I want to compare the base features of this 179 99 and 3d printer to this $279.99 and ER 3 Pro first thing you may notice is it’s got a removable best got a build tech tight material although it’s not actual build tech I’ve verified with them it’s got a magnetic backing and

it’s flexible so you can pop the prints off then I put your bed back in place the stock one $79.99 bed has again a build tech type material although not actual build tech and it sticks to the aluminum bed you can’t remove it so if you like that removable flexible feature that’s one thing you get for extra hundred hours another thing they changed is the frame for the y-axis on the base unit it’s a 40 by 20 extrusions 20 millimeters wide for the wheels to balance the bed on the pro it’s 40 millimeters wide so it’s definitely a little more stability the 40 millimeter wide is the same as the CR 10 mini and the CR 10 so this is definitely a better setup than this here so what else do you get power supply upgrade this has a Meanwell power supply which is a known brand you can buy this actual power supply from reputable companies such as monster.com or others for about $30 so you can upgrade yours but I don’t know who supplies this power supply that this is an own power supply from a company that it

I trust what else did they change the bed down here is flipped or the frame down here is flip for the electronics so now your SD card is at the top rather than down at the bottom where it was for so it’s a little easier to get to the SD card but the electronics inside it’s the same electronics that’s here the only thing I noticed is that they added a little more hot glue to the connectors so I don’t think there’s any real difference here it’s the same board no bootloader on this that’s the same 128 for AVR chip so it’s really no difference now I added this full-size that’s D card to mine through an adapter so it makes it easier to install or uninstall plus

I like the full-size SD card plus the fan that was on top that I covered with a 3d print is now on the bottom so pieces can’t fall into it although there’s not a lot of space for that fan to blow air out so I’m not sure it works as well as it would on top so I wonder how effective that it I honestly can’t see any other differences between the two hundred seventy nine and the 179 version so are these worth a hundred bucks this has a magnetic base that I’m told cannot go beyond 85 degrees C because then the magnet start to deteriorate and the magnetic lines on this bed and make it actually a little bit difficult to line up it wants to jump around if you get it off just a little bit on one side it hits on the bed but air it on the power supply back here so you got to get this thing aligned properly and wants to fight ship effect you can only go to 85 degrees C if that’s really true

I haven’t tested it but that’s a limitation that this guy really doesn’t have so what’s that extra hundred dollars worth it out of the box well let me compare it to mine and the improvements that I made the first thing I did is I added a glass bet you can get this for about 22 dollars I did a video on it and it’s got a nice speckled surface that wants it cools the prints pop right off and it’s removable because

I clip it out to the bed and when I don’t want to use glass I can still use the build tech material so there’s like twenty two dollars extra I spent I also added this full-size SD card adapter which costs ten dollars plus a 3d print to mount it so there’s another let’s just say $15 there so now I did add Capricorn PTFE tubing because it’s better than what comes stock on these things and I also change the couplings

I did a whole video on this on the CR 10 and on couplings that come stock in these guys they’re just not solid couplings so I replaced that plus the PTFE tubing and I added this ezr which I haven’t talked about yet it’s coming in a future video I changed the extruder to this easier now I can print flexible materials this guy is about 30 bucks plus the PTFE tubing plus the couplings I probably got about another let’s just say $50 in this right here if you total all that up it’s around 87 dollars for everything that I did if you want to improve the power supply you can get this exact power supply on the pro for about 30 bucks at various sources so

I can add that to and then I’d be about 120 dollars more for this exact machine but the real question is is it worth buying the stock versus the pro and how well do they print if this is a probe does a print better than this guy well let me show you the differences I printed a calibration cube on both of them I took the glass bed off I actually took off the EZ arm put the stock extruder on it so that was all the same but

I did leave my SD card I didn’t think that affected the print quality and I’ll tell you what I can’t tell the difference between these two if I didn’t mark them I wouldn’t know what the difference was they look identical so there’s no difference to me in the calibration cube then I printed a bench E and seriously I didn’t mark them I don’t know which ones which they look identical to me so as far as print quality calling it a pro

I don’t see how it’s worth an extra hundred dollars unless you like some of these features that are put on it and you don’t want to do any modifications so in that case maybe it’s worth two hundred seventy nine ninety nine personally I’d go with the 179 make the modifications you want they even buy some extra filament you got an extra hundred bucks to work with if you don’t want to do all the improvements that

I did I love that there’s two versions I just don’t see that it was worth 100 bucks to do all these improvements I think they’re just trying to make more money because this one is sold too cheap but in that case maybe should try and grab one of these before the price goes up on these because it may not last

I have no idea about 170 $9.99 for this is well worth the money I still prefer my CR 10 many over both use especially to $79.99 for 10 dollars more I can get a CR 10 mini with a bigger 300 by 300 by 220 build area and to me just a better overall frame but that’s me that’s my choice and I did a whole video on that I’ll link to it up here or at the end of the video but to $79.99 to me is a little bit high for this guy

I do have a link in the description below with a coupon for $30 off I think it is from banggood.com if you are interested in this at least save some money if you want this one I got a link for this for 179 99 what I like is it comes from a US warehouse from banggood so you can get in like two to three days you don’t have to wait for it to come 15 days from China but if you’re interested in this printer my opinion is this is worth $179.99 the extra hundred bucks is really not worth the extra hundred bucks that’s my thoughts what do you guys think let me know in the comments below that’s it for this week I’ll see you next time right here and fill in the Friday

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