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CR-10 VS Tevo Tornado 3D Printer

CR-10 VS Tevo Tornado. What 3D Printer is the best?

what’s up guys so you might notice I’m sitting between two of my favorite 3d printers now right here I got that Korea hella DCR ten here I got the T boom tornado now these are the two largest 3d printers for their price range both of them retail for about $500 but you can get them on sale on your best with my links in the description or

it believes 359 so they’re both the same price they both have a bill volume of 300 by 300 by 400 so very very large build volume and they have a lot of similarities so I decided since I’m one of the only youtubers that really has both these that I should make a comparison video now there is definitely some pros and cons to each of these and yeah they there’s not really against a winner or loser but there’s definitely some pros and some cons so we’ll take that into consideration and I’ll let you decide which one you think is better for you but let’s start off right here with the reality CR 10 okay the first thing the Kree ality is gonna win on is originality because this design they take care of with this first um this a lot of this is just kind of a copy on the Kree ality as far as like the frame the way the frames constructed the bed both of em have eccentric nuts on the bed both of the nice nice aluminum frame the way that felt systems are these brackets are like identical

we’re the limits which just go it’s all basically identical they have single lead screws to look build the build quality is basically identical as well as you assembly both home assemble like that like in 10 minutes you can have it ready good to go but because this one was the original I’m gonna say this one takes a slight a slight mark on you know originality okay now that being said we got a couple a couple differences now let’s start with the extruder so we got a Titan extruder the same that time like you’re you know you’re on there Tebow’s

and we got just your you know standard you know right I don’t know it’s all just a standard extruder but I actually like the type one a little better also too this came with an extra one so if you ever have a doll or anything they they give you an extra one so I’m gonna give a slight nod on the extruder to the t-bone typing extruder right out of the box ready to go – you’re gonna need to print a couple of upgrades for the CR ten mainly the Co 10 you need strain relief on the bed because this wire can just go back and forth and you want to make some screen really for that so that’s right away also – I have a filament guide right here and that just helps the filament not touch this greasy lead screw and get your filament all dirty which is gonna get you know then into your machine

and translate over to your printer so I’m gonna give him a slight nod you know on the extruder to that next big difference we have here is the control boxes now they’re very similar they’re very similar style about the same height this one’s like twice as long as I like how this one shorter but not only that I like how this one’s not nearly as loud okay they both have involved the same fan and I’m about the same you know the bottom equally loud but this one only runs when it’s under load like it turns on for a little bit turns off turns I it’s it’s actually the fans like off more than a time this one is on all the time whether the printer is printing not printing doesn’t matter also – this one heats up way faster right when this video started I started both these printers this one’s been printing for a good how long the video is me going this one’s just starting now that because the bed is powered by AC power on here so it heats up like that and it’s also supposed to be more energy efficient well this one takes forever to get up especially if you’re putting ABS if you’re getting abs or higher temp materials

I say right off the bat the tebow tornado is going to be better for you at least as far as out of the box it’s going to take some modifications to really get good quality ABS results and then they’re high-temperature filament results out of the CR 10 and that’s because the CR 10 this bed is so big it takes forever pretty I got it 295 degrees but he took like oh listen I’ll refer to heat off where this one you can get to 110 in two minutes but the problem with this is the bed needs to be insulated the day I got the bed 298 all right sorry 95 degrees

it was really hot like a hot negative begin about but if it was a cold day I could see that bed never getting that high at least not without insulating the bed low so if you can’t sleep the bed you know then you’ll be okay but right out of the box you’re gonna have trouble printing abs there’s some higher temperature materials how do that’s at least anyway well I do like how the bed on this one is glass up big last bed it’s definitely definitely nice you know it perfectly flat you do have to use a little bit of glue stick to give it to glue down or some hairspray or whatever you like to use while I’m here the other hands you don’t use anything it’s just good to go they also give you a second sheet of this is to make PDI type stuff thank you go my second sheet

I probably I’ve had this printer for a month this one for three weeks so I’ve had a lot of prints on both of these yeah never really been able to put it through their paces I also got a couple you know modifications that then adjust to make it easier to use like he’s been tuning knobs one thing with the team would turn a ohi’s it does knock on this folder there’s a there’s a spool holder g-code on supply SD card so you’re gonna want to print that but out of the box they don’t have them also – unless you’re a fan normally though school is right here

I’m mounting it up here you probably can’t see it we’re just the regular on that I just screwed the hole a little bigger until the hole a little bigger popped it in okay now as far as the printers go yeah they both are really good on the quality I don’t a both great I’ll show you guys some test prints I did my review videos in a minute but just think right off the bat I mean they’re both printing great and we you know you with PLA then follow people amazing this one just with ABS it’s gonna take a little more to get this one different abs perfectly as far as support go that’s well that’s one thing they could be a deciding factor for you guys now the Cree allottee they have there’s clones of people that I’ve owned this printer and it’s older this one’s pretty new this printer is only like

I think I’ve been one of the first people to probably get this one of the first people to review it this has been out a while so there’s a big community of people that use this printer and if you have any problems with it there are Facebook groups and Thingiverse groups there’s that huge reddit community that you can pretty much always get to the bottom of what’s if something messes up and you can get to the bottom figure it out and all that now this one it’s still new so there’s not a lot of upgrades board there is upgrades oh I saw somebody already made a new fan a cooling fan so I’m gonna I’m gonna print that out but you know

I printed these knobs I’ll put the link in the description to all this stuff what yeah I mean right off the bat very very good very little modification needed on this one and all but you know there is always going to be some things people want to do so as far as how many prints you can find and upgrades right stock like if you’re not somebody who wants to design your own you’re gonna be able to find a lot more on Thingiverse and stuff on the CR 10 atom right now anyways it’s gonna take a while for this one to build up the community that the CR 10 has so the sooner 10 is definitely going to win in the aspect of which one has more support and a bigger community around up yeah like here let me show you guys a couple just test prints

I did in my other review videos I’ll show you a vase I did not eat as well it may be a venti or something I do not eat and I’ll play those right now okay guys so you can be the judge off of those test prints which ones you think we’re better but basically the way I see it is this is like an iPhone and this is like a galaxy si if you’re the type of person that you want something that the big community around and that all your friends have you know that’s pretty easy to use and everything you get this one but if you want something that you know a little different you know I’ve got the AC power it’s also got some features on here like you can uh the baby step in to be like tiny adjustments you know you may be the Android guy you want to like you have something a little different that can do some cool stuff you know you just don’t see every day

I say you can get this one what that’s really just my analogy you can take it for what it is I think they are both great printers they’ll be links to both these in the description yeah I say the big thing is the community behind it and having support and everything get this one but if you just want to try something new that’s awesome and yeah and then just want to be a little different go for this one so I don’t know I think personally if I had to give one away and I can only keep one it would be the Tibor tornado just because

I don’t want I don’t want to have to do any modifications to print them or exotic material and yeah I just really really like this machine I love this one too but take it for goodness thanks for your best for sending me both these thank you guys for all the support on this channel I can’t thank you guys enough you guys are too awesome and I’m trapped against this wall and I’m getting claustrophobic so I’m gonna get out of here and I’ll see you guys later peace off thanks for watching and keep on rockin in the free world

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