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Comparison – Markforged Mark Two vs Ultimaker S5

Comparison – Markforged Mark Two vs Ultimaker S5

texting here from bed stack and we are going to be comparing three 3d printers the mark for each mark – and the automaker s5 we will look at both British features the build volume materials that we can print print quality the software used and the pros and cons we will also summarize his differences look at the side-by-side comparison

and come up with a conclusion this first get started with the mark 2 so this desktop printer has a build volume of 324 132 by 154 it’s equipped with an acrylic front panel that he left open a touchscreen display integrated on the front and an aluminum lid on the top the lid allows for better access to the extruder and the rest of the mechanics the printer utilizes two extruders one photonics which is a mark which specialty nylon and the other for the fiber filament savoie nozzles are made of stainless steel which ensures the durability a longevity of the nozzles this material last much longer than traditional brass nozzles the machine is very well built

and you can see how they used dowel pins to align the linen arrows there are machined and aluminum and brass parts used throughout the printer which is host is a great attention to detail and once you close the lid all the mechanics are hidden

and you get this elegant and minimalist looking machine as we take a look at the back of the printer you can see that there’s a USB power in an Ethernet port there’s also indoor Wi-Fi with an external antenna for a better signal the mark for printers are almost exclusively web

and cloud-based so for those people in the defense industry don’t worry they have an option to you as well the integration with a target class Lassa is really easy to use and works exceptionally well however you still have an option to use a USB stick different files from your computer mark voiced very own software agar is cloud-based and once on Google Chrome if simpleness makes it easy to insert a printing force in at any layer

and then utilizing the smart build plate you can remove the path and play so adding captive nuts or bearings is a breeze Agha also gives you the ability to manage multiple users all share in frontof no matter where they are in the world there’s also a dashboard so you can monitor printer usage and material consumption let’s take a look at the price of the mark –

so this machine has a good sized build volume the build area makes his printer perfect for creating functional parts or even functional prototypes the most notable feature of the mark 2 printer it is ability to combine a plastic binder with the continuous fiber in life this makes an amazingly strong part 20 times stiffer

and stronger than is typical 3d printed part by adding fiber it works like pre-stressed reinforced concrete finally giving the industry a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing processes the machine uses a great bed retention and leveling system the build plate is made from a sort of fibrous shaped material

and used in conjunction with occasional application the supplied glue stick you just get exceptional part to build plates adhesion mark forged also uses a three-point magnetic location system to hold the build plate in position the rare the printing process

so this means that you can take the build plate out at any time even when a print is paused and you can replace it within an accuracy of 10 microns for what this printer can produce in industrial strength parks it’s excellent value to the hobbyist the price tag is probably at a rich we must remember that the mark Choi is meant for manufacturers machine shops and other similar businesses this plaintiff is a tool that improves products


and processes its ability to produce long-lasting strong and fully functional parts at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods makes this machine well worth its price 10 so unlike the x-series the mark 2 doesn’t have any encoders it doesn’t have in purchasing special laser it doesn’t have any cameras

and the build size isn’t like the x-series now let’s take a look at the automaker s5 say automaker offers several different models of 3d printers the range start from the automatic achieved last with the printer all the way through its latest model the Alta maker s5 which we’ll go through now the usable build volume is 330 by 340 by 300 the entire blood volume is available for use whether you decide to do a single extrusion or a dual extrusion print it’s equipped with glass doors on the phone which is noisy hinged magnetic closing mechanisms included to help keep the dual chamber enclosed the printer also includes a full-color touchscreen display on the front that allows you to explore menus and

select options similar to a smartphone the automatic s5 has a similar design to the models that came before it like its predecessor the automaker 3 they both share the appearance of a clean and minimalistic boxed shape machine the interior of the printer is very well lived which allows you

and the built-in camera to capture every step of the print stages on the back of the printer there are two cooling fans and Ethernet port a two spool holder power in and two feeding mechanisms the Ethernet port can be plugged into the office Network

and used as a normal Network device or you can connect it by the inbuilt Wi-Fi a benefit to using the automaker s5 or any other automated 3d printer for that matter it is compatibility with automatic euro the printer is optimized to work with a 3d printing slicer

and here connect which is a complementary platform made with 3d printing management for setting up the network you are able to paint on the automaker s5 using wireless connectivity you can also watch the print by a live stream before Akif multiple print jobs

and track every progress as mentioned before the slicing software all-in-all makes it simple to adjust settings in managing the printer there is also an ultimate app that allows users to remotely monitor and stay updated on the print progress this app which is compatible with smartphones

and tablets will notify users when the print job is ready or when the printer needs attention from maintenance let’s now take a look at the first of the automaker s5 like the mark for mark to this printer has a large build volume and a great bed leveling system it has comprehensive bed mapping and the maps multiple points across the bed

and built a topology over the booth surface so that they can adjust and get a very comprehensive first layer of material down the removable glass bed can also be easily taken out for pie removal and cleaning and put back on with accuracy other pros include the extreme ease of setup

and use high print quality intuitive touchscreen display that goes through every step of the process and the ability to start print and monitor remotely by Kira

and his dual extrusion capabilities the main benefit with dual extrusion is the ability to print water-soluble via a support material meaning you can print any geometry imaginable even if it has support that will be hard to remove internally when the print is done you can just drop the item in water

and thus previous support would dissolve in a matter of hours this printer overall is perfect for small businesses and design professionals such as architects and engineers it enables them to treat low-cost prototypes efficiently so for my experience

and also reading other users experiences there seems to be a small bug the camera feed will sometimes face apart from that using pure earth to control the automaker s5 it’s extremely smooth now let’s take a look at the side-by-side comparison the materials both machines are able to print a difference although both printers can print industrial grade materials the mark 2 supports materials such as Kevlar carbon fiber high strength high temperature fiberglass onyx fiberglass

and paint nylon while the s5 supports materials such as tough PLA cpa polycarbonate thermoplastic polyurethane abs and PLA plastic filaments so who would benefit using these 3d printers well for the mark 2 this machine would greatly benefit manufacturers machine shops and other similar businesses this printer is a tour that includes products

and processors nearest liability to produce long lasting strong and fully functional parts efficiently in the comfort of the own office it’s specifically designed to make functional and use parts to industry for the automaker is 5 this printer is more of a benefit towards design professionals such as architects and engineers as it allows them to produce low-cost prototypes officially

and in the comfort of their own office as well for the user friendliness every designed feature implemented on Bertha mark 2 and the Altima ks5 are done with convenience

and user friendliness in mind for example they’re removable glass bed can easily be taken after cleaning and put back on with accuracy the system can easily be controlled on the touchscreen display and the wireless option allows users to print any way

and both printers all-in-all the design of the mark 2 and the S 5 provides a clean and minimalistic look both look like hardware that would fit in a professional office setting in terms of upgrading to the next model the mark 2 has several high-end options you can upgrade to their industrial range which included the X 7 the X 5 and X 3 in the middle X 3d printer which can print different types of metal for the automaker s5 there isn’t a high-end option yet its automakers most advanced 3d printers today boy 3d printers are used for different purposes

and aim to provide different goals it’s like comparing apples to oranges you

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