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Top 3 Best 3D Printers You Must Have 2018

Top 3 Best 3D Printers You Must Have 2018

I’m here to tell you that when it comes to 3d printing bigger is definitely better and that’s why my partners and I are building a family of 3d printers so big we’re calling them 3d monsters what can they print well they can print my large rocket engine prototypes and our other lead engineers add nest drops custom large format camera bodies but with our four interchangeable extruders and 40 micron layer resolution you’ll be able to print everything from product prototypes to replacement parts to pizza we’re going to build them right here in New Jersey

and we need your help our core team has been working together for over 15 years and our goal is to enable you to 3d print objects that you’ve never been able to print before why in your workspace or at home two years ago were all set to buy a 3d printer but there was none in our price range that had all the features that we wanted and there still aren’t that’s where 3d monster comes in we needed a large build volume

we needed modularity for easy maintenance and upgrade ability we needed for independent extruders each with its own temperature control quick to mount adjust and upgrade it also had to survive high thermal stress for a wide variety of future materials finally we want that the printer to take up less space when not in use be easy to transport and be quick and easy to set up our research showed that people in many industries also wanted to be able to use a printer with these capabilities because we couldn’t find one

we built 3d monster we’re building three printers ranging in build volume from one to eight cubic feet the body is constructed of high precision aluminum extrusions that carry the main structural loads all the motion control Hardware inside the machine is also made with high precision industrial grade components while big is important for print size the opposite is true for extruders with a space required for four extruders we needed to minimize their impact on the size of the build area our little titan filament extruder is designed to be as compact and as lightweight as possible while still being powerful and reliable plus even though we have these huge NEMA 23 motors driving the x and the y axis we wanted to make sure that even with four extruders 3d monster would still be fast coming in at about half the weight of most extruders today our little titans meet all of these requirements the extruder quick mount has four positions one for each extruder the quick mount makes it dead simple to adjust the height of the extruders so that they don’t interfere with a print plus it makes it really easy to swap them in and out for different materials and nozzle sizes while the standard machine comes with two little Titans a simple plugin upgrade allows any of the printers who ship to be able to run with up to four independent extruders so that you can handle four different materials in the same build currently 3d Monster can handle PLA hips PVA and

nylon once the Kickstarter campaign ends and we deliver the printers to you our next focus will be unexpanded what you can print examples of what future extruders will be able to print our food grade materials such as chocolate frosting and cheese low-temperature pastes such as paraffin wax silicon rubber clay and ceramic pastes and plastic pellets which will lower the cost of printing and we’re working on other materials as well we built a 3d printing platform that has huge value day 1 and we will continue to improve it in the future we’re very excited about what 3d monster printers can do for you and we hope that you will be too this is where Kickstarter comes in if you are like me you support projects that inspire you or make life better or easier in some way and

we hope that this is just such a project for you we need your help so that together we can get these machines into the hands of makers everywhere in homes workshops factories offices schools and maker spaces in order to do this we’re planning on building them right here in New Jersey and we need your help to mass-produce the parts to get the printers to you in a reasonable amount of time we would love to have you on board this monster of a 3d printing project Thank You Kickstarter [Music] this is day there’s nothing in the world he loves more than 3d printing today he’s trying out the trynna 3d printer try this a new 3d printer these days he’s not just looking for another 3d printer he wants something that produces quality prints can work with a wide variety of materials can print with multiple file formats is reliable and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg he’s had some trying experiences putting together printers with hundreds of parts and having to recalibrate them over and over again or coping with prices that put him over the edge try this has a modular structure with four identical units which reduces its production cost yeah that’s it only 11 parts sorry with an easy-to-follow manual you can assemble chiness in 30 minutes and

because it’s mechanics or scaled-down from industrial grade machines trynna Springs professional level performance and precision right to your desk try this isn’t just a fix package either you can exchange it’s 3d printing head for a laser engraving one you can also equip your chiness with a heated bed and safety enclosure opening your printer up to PC and abs nowaday how much do you think this cost

nope look right there’s no catch $299 on Kickstarter China’s uses its intuitive pango software which works twice as fast as other slicers but you’re not locked to that other software and g-code are compatible to remember the time you use the high-speed setting on that other low-cost printer and ended up with a dull messy print even using a higher print speed chiness gives you a clean high-quality print without shaking everything off your desk plus the laser head will come in handy when your best friend beats you at a game you thought you are good at tryna slette you print with many different elements including flex wood and aluminum all without a jammed extruder or clogged nozzle to help achieve that trine is partnered with Polly maker with their poly Maxx PLA or PC plus you can be sure that your printed parts will be stronger and better than ever before

do you feel impatient if your design takes a long time to print are you upset that low-end 3d printers don’t have the quality to make the true beauty of your designs real are you frustrated if your 3d printer cannot print a sufficiently large size do you dream of an affordable high resolution and fast 3d printer on your desktop we have created the Dragon won the ultimate printer traditional 3d printers fall into two categories high resolution models costing thousands of dollars and low resolution ones costing under a thousand the Dragon one printed 37 microns on the X&Y axis and down to 10 microns on the z axis resulting in features as fine as a strand of hair the Dragon Wan prints up to eight point six six inches tall on a 3.86 by 7.09 edge though fades at a hundred micron XYZ the largest and tallest of any personal SLA project passive peeling technique and that reduces the adhesion force at each layer of separation and increases the printing speed dramatically excessive noise can affect the quality of your day since taller builds can take hours to complete it’s important to reduce the noise pollution as much as possible dragon one almost makes no sound at all dragon one is almost the fastest personal SLA printer on the market today for other SLA printers to print a six point six inch

I spoke tower with a hundred micron Zee resolution it takes six to eight hours with dragon one it takes four and under the inner printer frame is made of an integrated piece of high quality steel while the outer shell is made from aluminium alloy this assures the stability and precision of the printer the Dracon one is so flexible you can easily take out the commercial grade high-definition projector and use it to project HD movies and you have your own home entertainment system for most SLA printers on market resin VAT is a consumable that needs to replaced every few months since the silicone coating on the VAT might get cloudy after extensive usage in Dracon one vat we bonded a thin Teflon layer on the top of the silicon coating which greatly extended the lifetime of the VAT you don’t need to worry about frequent replacement of the VAT anymore drinking one is terrific for jewelry design artwork research prototypes and hobby crafts drinking one is perfect for creators schools and companies because it’s easily adaptable to fit various user preferences and project needs Drakken one support

all third party residents for example make juice made solid FTD and even the formlabs resident what’s more we have our own res whose price is the lowest on the market currently we provide both hard and flexible resident of multiple colors and will assure our customers are supplied with high-quality resin at the lowest cost we also provide castable resin for jewelry design Drakken one is affordable reliable and high resolution printer is perfect for use for small businesses and personal lives you deserve one

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