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Best 3D Printers in 2019 – Which one to buy?

Best 3D Printers in 2019 – Which one to buy?

From classrooms to design shops 3d printers seem to be popping everywhere and as you would expect for a product that appeals to everyone from professional designers to educators to hobbyists 3d printers very wildly in the features they offer and the amount they cost in this video we’re going to be checking out the top 5 best 3d printers in the market

today you can find links to the products in the description if you’ve got another product in mind that you would like us to review please comment down below we’ll look into it as soon as possible and let you know how it compares to the items listed in this roundup

so without further ado let’s get started with the list let’s not beat around the bush here one of the most appealing features of the Cree ality under three is its incredibly low price point still it has a heated bed a decent user interface a sturdy frame on the downside the endo 3 only offers a modest print area of 220 by 220 by 250 millimeters sure there’s no shortage of decent Chinese person I three clones and

some are very reasonably priced still if you are looking for the best 3d printer in the low budget category you want a machine that balances the drawbacks of affordable components with printing quality and reliability Cree allottee even decided to make the Ender 3 open-source

so that everyone can hack and modify it to its full potential in the last few months since the release we’ve seen a growing and

vibrant community developed great mods and upgrades for this excellent little printer it is pretty much a plug-and-play machine load a spool of filament start the print and

pluck it off the build plate once it’s ready and that’s how it’s supposed to be right since the price of the any Kubica three mega has come down roughly a third the printer is even more interesting if you’re mostly printing PLA and

pet this could be a machine for you the ultra based 3d printing bed worked fine for us when heated the prints stick to the bed once cold you can remove the print without hassle most of the times DN e Kubica three mega comes pre-built with decent instructions and

offers some nice features filament sensor heated bed sturdy full metal frame that are usually to be found in higher priced machines careful with the filament sensor though we had occasions where it simply didn’t work are you still looking for a big assembled 3d printer then this is the one that you deserve to have it comes with three parts it just needs a few steps to build up this machine has big printing capacity you can print a big model with an i3 printer no soldering no measuring it is easy to do calibration

every printer must have a more than two to four hours test printing before shipping we will make sure all printers are in good condition remote feeding mode makes the extruder more lighter faster and stable it comes with three parts it only takes a few steps to build it up it is very easy and

you just need about 10 mintues to build all wires are attached with labels don’t worry about wrong wiring all you have to do is hook everything up it might not look like much but

the Cree ality CR 10 has caused a bit of a stir in the wider 3d printing community the key metric that brings it home is the price to volume ratio as in this is a budget FDM machine with a massive build space of 300 by 300 by 400 millimeters further upgrades can push out the capacity to 400 by 400 by 400 millimeters the Cree ality CR 10 is rather basic with an open-face frame with a heated bed SD card reader and LCD controls with an external power brick at the end of our testing

we became quite fond of this machine there’s something alluring about the possibilities that a big print volume presence and when that kind of excitement is backed up by a printer that outputs high quality prints

well that’s just pretty darn special still be prepared to tinker with it to get the best results possible it’s a real makers machine [Music] the elta maker 3 is a formidable machine and the dual extrusion system capably lives up to the quality of its single extrusion predecessors build quality is solid and performance and

reliability are excellent however dual extrusion on the ultime cur 3 comes at the cost of speed think double triple or even quadruple the print times in addition

we find the elta maker 3 suffers from few small few issues that hold it back from a perfect 10 the new printhead and

cores are excellent but the real holder despite the settings reading usefulness of NFC is still hidden away around the back of the 3d printer making it a hassle to access additionally new support materials such as PVA can spit while they’re being extruded without a front screen these filament flecks go everywhere such niggles are small however and

as dual extrusion systems go the elta maker 3 blends quality and reliability well if they could up the print speeds then the elta maker 3 would truly be the ultimate all-around 3d printer three-d– Wok’s 2x is ready to help you throughout your printing 2x will say printing is complete when the printing job is done should there be any errors occurring 2x will guide users through troubleshooting methods just listen to what three-d– walks 2x has to say

you will know what to do 3d printers use various materials that can create dusts during printing and they came up with a dust safe answer its high efficiency particulate air filters designed to arrest very fine particles effectively will trap the dust from the materials filter it out and

create a particularly healthy printing atmosphere three walks 2x is powerful and robust yet the most silent 3d printer you’ve ever heard of with its library noise level of 40 decibels you can now enjoy all kind of things such as getting other works done eating an ice-cream or simply going to sleep without being disturbed let this machine bring peace and

mind with silence thus endeth read walks is a stall word of a 3d printer in our time with it it reliably turned out print after print with no fuss or drama and

after throwing over a dozen prints at it we were presently surprised that not one failed all in all as it stands though thus endowed read walks DP 200 is a reliable and easy to use 3d printer hampered by an unnecessary and restrictive filament system and occasional print quality issues

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